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Tsitah Threads: Functionally Hip Head Wear

Tsitah Threads: Functionally Hip Head Wear

Guest post by Jenny Lutes
What better way to tame the very curly and puffy hair of my 4-year-old than to don a cute bandana from Tsitah Threads? Ava has been wearing her bandana around and strangers stop to ask about her lovely headwear. Before, they would stop us to comment on her hair – the bandana is helping to prevent an unnecessary hair complex.

Fun design

The bandanas allow for fun and whimsy and are something sweet and carefree for children to wear. Shoppers can select from a variety of fabrics and colours to match the bandanas to the little ones’ personalities. Colours and fabrics change often as the bandanas are made in small groups since quality over quantity is important to Tsitah Threads. Ava is sporting the purple and pink dragonfly and butterfly motif, with sparkles of course.

Ava wearing her bandana reminds me of her ancestors’ Babushkas in Hungary … except her head attire attaches at the back, and I am pretty sure the ladies of our family did not have shimmer on their fabrics. (I bet they would have wanted to though.)

Little heads in mind

Tsitah Threads uses Velcro for the closures, which allow little fingers to put on and remove the bandanas. Plus, adjust as the little craniums grow.

The fabrics are 100% cotton (pre-washed in natural hypoallergenic soap) and are ready to wear upon arrival. Baby and toddler sizes are available.

I like that Ava’s bandana allows for another option for all of her hair to be back and out of her face. Everyone with daughters knows how tough it can be sometimes to put hair elastics in. First you have to catch the child, make her sit still for 5-10 seconds, gather the hair and wind the elastic around, and then hear whining about how uncomfortable the ponytail is. Moms can probably put the bandanas on the children while they run by. (Maybe I will test this theory.)

Other products

Along with the bandanas, Tsitah Threads sells baby and toddler tuques, baby blankets, and baby quilts. The tuques are reversible, 100 per cent cotton, and pre-washed. Parents will also be able to have cool head attire – adult sizes in the tuques will be available soon.

Whether running errands with the stroller, or hiking in the mountains, the blankets are great for keeping baby cozy in our West Coast weather. A combination of fleece on one side, and water-repellent ripstop nylon on the other, allows for a comfortable child.

Individual and unique baby quilts are created from the fabric scraps of the other items. (They have their local factory keep the leftover fabric cuts, re-purposing the pieces, and avoiding waste.) The quilts embrace the old fashion scrappy quilt concept and eco-friendly values.

Dry and snug

We live in a city where it rains many days of the week and, as parents, our goal is to have smiling dry children. Now we can achieve this with a hip tuque and snuggling under a warm blankie.

Jenny Lutes was a single mom for two years. And now she’s not! Jenny blogs at Ruminating Mommy about what she’s going through as a mom and the spiritual and emotional journeys of being a woman.

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