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Vancouver Mom to Follow: Kids folksinger Gina Lam of Ginalina

Vancouver Mom to Follow: Kids folksinger Gina Lam of Ginalina

This week’s Vancouver Mom to Follow  is Gina Lam – a mother of four, with a respect for nature, a love for stories, and a passion for bumping along in a funny “homeschooling way.” On stage and on Kids’ Knowledge Network, Gina is known as: Juno-nominated West Coast Family Folksinger, Ginalina. Her albums capture her family’s adventures in Pacific Spirit Regional Park, explore “what is home?”, and document some of the best childhood experiences.

Ginalina’s music goals are to inspire kids to find the best in themselves, and in others, and to find their own ways to share that with the world.

Five places Ginalina loves!

Southlands Farm

A down-to-earth family-run farm where everyone can feel at home. Whether you have a swing on the tire, pet the horses, or water the garden, it’s always a good time. If you decide to relax on the sofa, check to see that you’re not going to sit on Mrs. Chicken!

 The Secret Garden Tea Company

Feeling royal? This shop, straight out of an English village, is a magical experience serving delightful sandwiches and treats fit for any King or Queen!  Why not bring a notebook and make up your own fairy tale together while you’re there?

The Fraser River District Boardwalk at Kerr

Whether you walk or wheel, you’ll discover a peaceful stretch of boardwalk with surprises along the way: natural playground, quacking ducks, nook of beach, wide open fields, and best of all – the Fraser River! Pack sunscreen, a light picnic, and sand bucket, and you’ll be set for a few hours!

The Grouse Grind

Get out the hiking shoes! The “Grind” is a fun challenge for the whole family with the reward of seeing bears, a lumberjack show, and a lovely view from the top! Plan for 2+ hours of walking, snacking, cheering, and taking life “one step at a time”!

See Also

Vancouver Art Gallery

Rainy day? Check out the VAG’s collections and play “I Spy” in the paintings! If you’re feeling adventurous, pack (washable) paints/markers, a sketchpad, and create some masterpieces together! (Best to confirm with the Exhibit Curator before starting, and be prepared with towelettes in case it gets a little messy!)

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