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A perfect day at the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival

A perfect day at the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival

Summer may be quickly fading, but there’s still time to sneak in one more COVID-friendly activity with your kids. The Chilliwack Sunflower Festival is a truly mind-blowing experience. The sunflowers, the surrounding farms, the mountains —it feels like you are in a painting it’s so stunning. It is definitely worth the drive.

Even the most cautious person regarding the pandemic will feel very comfortable. There are one-way signs throughout the event to keep people going in one direction, signs set up for people to keep distance, and plenty of hand sanitizing stations.

Tips for a great day

Photo credit: Kera Skocylas
  • Make sure your camera is fully charged so you can capture unforgettable shots of your family against a backdrop of glorious sunflowers.
  • Bring your stroller if you need one. This event is stroller-friendly, a huge plus when you have three kids. It makes everything so much more relaxing and enjoyable if moms with babies and small kids can pack their stroller and don’t have to carry things.
  • Bring Lysol wipes or hand sanitizer (although there are hand sanitizing stations throughout). Some like to be extra cautious if the kids are touching high surface areas (such as the swings).
Photo credit: Kera Skocylas
  • Make sure you have hats and sunscreen for everyone!
  • Pre-book your ticket! It’s cheaper if you buy in advance and not the day of. Also, you can’t get them “at the door.”. You must pre-book. The time slots were great, families and couples were nicely spaces and it never felt crowded. This event runs until September 7th. You can buy your tickets here:

This is definitely going on the yearly summer bucket list!

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