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Where to Eat in Vancouver: Coffee and Doughnuts

Where to Eat in Vancouver: Coffee and Doughnuts

When I saw the laundromat at Main and 13th Avenue being renovated a couple of months back, I wondered what kind of business was going to be there. Then the sign went up: 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters. I wondered to myself, do we really need another cafe on Main Street, a.k.a. the most caffeinated street in all the land? Then a few weeks later, a friend asked to meet me for coffee there and I understood why, in fact, we do need another cafe: Lucky’s Doughnuts. When you’re in the mood for a good pastry and you’re wondering where to eat in Vancouver, this place is totally worth checking out.

Where to Eat in Vancouver: Doughnut Edition

I’m not saying that doughnuts are the only redeeming quality of 49th Parallel. The decor is scrumptious, featuring wood panelling, exposed brick and a fireplace, a plush tufted semi-circular booth in the back, comfy seating and lots of windows. They manage to walk the line between cozy, pub style decor and modern, bright cafe with plenty of windows for people-watching.

But let’s focus on our priorities, here, shall we? Back to the doughnuts. Lucky’s are not your garden-variety doughnuts, like the ones from a much-loved and ubiquitous national chain that I won’t name here. Lucky’s Doughnuts are gourmet treats – large, moist and flavourful without being overly sweet. They also have a gourmet price tag to match. However, the high quality of ingredients and the creative flavours on offer make these hand-crafted doughnuts worth every penny.

So Many Yummy Doughnuts

When we visited we tried the peanut butter and jam filled, the apple and bacon fritter, as well as sampling the classic double chocolate and old fashioned. I can’t decide which is my favourite. I think I need another round of tasting to be sure. Though I might get distracted by the rhubarb, or the pistachio-encrusted orange honey cake, the classic crullers or the bismarcks. Clearly I’ll need to make a few visits. If you love doughnuts like I do, this is where to eat in Vancouver.

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters and Lucky’s Doughnuts on Main Street is open bright and early ’til late, seven days a week: Monday to Saturday from 7:00am to 10:00pm and Sundays from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

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