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Simpatico Ristorante: Greek Food in Kits

Simpatico Ristorante: Greek Food in Kits

Photo credit: Lamb Souvlakia by Geoff Peters 604

A few weeks ago, we stopped in at Simpatico Ristorante in Kits for some Greek food. My husband fondly remembered going there as a child with his parents when he lived in the area and thought it would be fun to pass down the experience to our kids.

As usual, we arrived on the early side – just after 5:00 – of dinner service. Only a few tables of this huge dining room are occupied and like any young family, we appreciated that we get seated immediately.

Simpatico has undergone a renovation just this past May and they’ve done a terrific job. They’ve kept their old chairs and the worn floor, but the overall look, with its friendly blue gingham table-cloths, is clean, fresh and updated – a modern bistro.

Because it’s hot outside, my kids are dying for something to drink. All the way to the restaurant, my younger daughter was asking for chocolate milk and when we arrive, we’re disappointed to discover that the restaurant doesn’t carry it. No matter – the kids settle in for an apple and orange juice instead.

We order a plate of hummus even before we have a chance to look at the menu. It comes fairly quickly and my kids are kept busy swirling their pitas into the yummy dip.

If like in this case there are no kid-specific meals, my husband and I tend to share dishes with our kids since they aren’t big eaters. He orders a medium pizza – half cheese and half capricolo. I opt for a large souvlaki dinner with chicken breast. My kids are surprisingly only lukewarm on the pizza, but they love my meal, which comes with a large helping of Greek salad, a generous skewer of chicken, two potatoes, rice and a healthy dollop of tzatziki – everything that makes a kid-friendly meal. My kids enjoy munching on the cucumbers, and the chicken is a terrific hit. We have more than enough pizza to box up and bring home for a snack later in the evening.

The bathrooms don’t have change tables, but they are clean. There are a couple of chairs in the bathroom (possibly for storage reasons?) that came in handy for helping my two-year-old wash and dry her hands.

There are plenty of high-chairs but no booster seats for older children. My husband did mention that he spotted some ancient seats that bolted onto the table but also looked like they were about 30 years old.

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Service overall was neither friendly or unfriendly. I did think that our hummus appetizer, once done, should have been cleared, and there was no inquiry about whether or not we wanted more water or beverages. It also didn’t occur to our server that I would be sharing my meal with more than just one of my kids so she only brought one extra plate.

Two dinners, a beer, two juices, a pop and an order of hummus cost $64 with tip.

Simpatico Ristorante

2222 W 4th Ave, Vancouver (Kitsilano)

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