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Little Nest: A Treasure On The Drive That Kids Will Love

Little Nest: A Treasure On The Drive That Kids Will Love

Little Nest is not new, but it’s a place that every new mom in Vancouver needs to know about. It’s a modish little spot just off Commercial Drive that really needs to be on every parent’s radar.

The Ultimate in Kid-Friendly

I think we can all admit that there are different grades of kid-friendly. In a perfect world, kid-friendly doesn’t just mean they have high chairs. A kid-friendly menu, activities and friendly staff that aren’t afraid of a little food on the floor should really be part of the equation.

Little Nest gets an A+ for kid-friendly (in my humble opinion). It’s a good-sized open space with lots of seating – you can go meet one friend or a group of friends with kids and be easily accommodated. They have a wonderful kids play area with lots of toys to keep little ones entertained (Read: you can actually engage in adult conversation if you so desire). The kid’s area is also slightly sectioned off, so you can keep an eye on your little one while you enjoy a latte and catch up with your friends. If you go in for a meal, there are a number of very cool, retro high chairs at your disposal (not 100% sure they would meet today’s safety standards, but they do the trick for a quick, supervised bite).

Little Nest has a great, healthy, kid-friendly menu. Fruit fries with yogurt dip, grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, and macaroni & cheese – something everyone will love. For adults they offer some grown up tastes like free-range chicken or prosciutto baguettes, beet and lentil salad, and seasonal soups. Breakfast ranges from $4 – $11; Lunch $6 – $9; Kids $3 – $5.

Little Nest is located at 1716 Charles Street (just off Commercial Drive). It’s open 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 7 days a week. For more information visit

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Little Nest

1716 Charles Street, Vancouver

Jo-Anne Stayner is a freelance writer and public relations consultant based in Vancouver. She is a new, gear-obsessed mom that is constantly on the look-out for cool things that actually help make life a little easier. All images courtesy of Little Nest.

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  • This article was excellent to read and i am excited to go and check it out. Another restaurant worth mentioning is Munch, in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver.

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