Nominate Your Favourite Vancouver Mom Blogs!

Do you know of any phenomenal moms blogging in Vancouver? We want to hear about them!

We’re putting together a list of the Ultimate 30 Blogs by Vancouver Moms. This list will then be put to vote to you – our dear readers – who will choose which mom is the mother of them all!

How to Qualify:

1. Site needs to be a blog. You probably know what qualifies as a blog, but just in case you don’t, we’re going with the Wikipedia definition: “a type of web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.”

2. The blog needs to be primarily written by a mom. The blog can have several guest or regular contributors, but the main owner of the blog must be a mom.

3. The mom needs to live in Metro Vancouver. Check out the right sidebar on this page to find out what cities and municipalities qualify.

4. Topics can vary. Blogs with classic “mommy blog” material can be submitted, along with really anything else – so long as it’s not illegal, pornographic or about gambling or anything, but I’m sure you probably guessed that part.

5. The blog can be corporate. If you know of a witty mom entrepreneur blog that’s part of a larger company, feel free to submit them.

6. The blog has to be well-established (a few months old), well written and designed, as well as updated on a semi-regular basis (at least a couple times a week).

7. Both blogs with their own domain name or one hosted with WordPress, Blogger or another service (e.g. are acceptable.

8. reserves the right to decide who will and won’t be on the Ultimate 30 list. Along with some of the ones you nominate, we’ll also be adding ones that we feel should be added to the list.

How to Nominate:

1. Submit your favourite blogs by commenting below. Don’t forget the URL!

2. Be sure to say why you think the blog should be included.

3. Nominate as many as you want. There are no limitations of how many you can add.

4. Self nomination and shameless promotion are ok – and in fact invited and encouraged!


1. Nomination period: March 4 to 28

2. Editorial period. We’ll be publishing profiles on March 29 to April 25

3. Voting period. You get to vote on your favourite of the Ultimate 30: April 26 to May 6

4. Winner Announced: Mother’s Day, May 9

What the Winner Gets:

A $100 gift certificate to, where you can choose from a set design or customize your own necklace. Luxe is one of’s 30 Essential Jewellery Designers and was featured in our segment on Breakfast Television.

A prize worth $50 from Raspberry Kids.

And of course bragging rights!!

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  1. I’d like to nominate my wife’s blog:

    We live in Yaletown and she is a nurse on the Labour/Delivery ward of St. Paul’s. Her blog posts range from pregnancy to newborns to toddlers with a specific focus on breastfeeding and other topical issues that moms in the city face.

  2. I’m shamelessly nominating myself.

    My name is Rukiya Bernard and you may know me from HGTV’s The Stagers or numerous Vancouver-shot TV shows – yes, I’m an actress and I’m pregnant.

    I’m becoming a first time mom and have been amazed at the reactions people have had towards me – always with the best intentions but sometimes boundaries are crossed. Can anyone relate?

    Anway, I’ve created the Pregnancy/Mommy Etiquette Fan Page as a way of expressing and connecting with people and allowing us preggos and moms to have a voice be it very conservative or highly liberated. I try to keep it humorous but as I near delivery (I’m 30 weeks) I’m finding my fears creeping into my posts.

    So, there. I nominate me. And in the least, read my fan page!


  3. I’d like to nominate Wendy Anderson’s site: I love her combination of great recipes, mommy insights, and everyday wisdom. The blog reminds me to squeeze the joy out of everyday. It’s well written with beautiful photographs.

    Sue B

  4. I would like to nomiate my friend, Erica.

    She is so determined and motivated to be a success. Her first book comes out this month. Survivor Mommy. She also works as a mortagae broker + she has this blog. Who says you can’t do it all? She has a 5yo and 2yo. We could all learn a lesson or two from her! You go girl!!

    This is her other blog for her book:

  5. I nominate Her tagline “keeping it real in the suburbs” really says it all. She is a mom of 2, balancing her inner hippie with life in the suburbs.

    Her blogs are well researched, balanced and informative. Plus she is just fun.

  6. i’m shamelessly nominating myself 🙂

    though i’m a mom, i don’t write a blog about parenting or mommyhood, but rather a lifestyle/design/general blog about the things i love and some of the stuff i make. i love to highlight local businesses, makers, and designers. i’m a huge supporter of handmade and love to find new things on etsy and other indie marketplaces. my blog is where i share my inspirations and my desires!

    i live in north van with my two kids, i have a small home business called smidgebox designs, specializing in gifts for the young and the young-at-heart, all handmade by me in my home! i’d love for you to take a look.

  7. I nominated Claudia Laroye of

    Claudia is a passionate advocate of travelling as a way to enrich and educate children, and she and her husband commit to those values in the way they are raising their own children. She’s also a great writer and a fun person, and those qualities come across in her blog.

  8. I would love to nominate one of my fav blogs. The writer of which just happens to be one of my dearest friends, Lindsay Dianne Willet.

    She writes about everything under the sun as seen from a mother’s point of view. She is passionate and thoughtful. Her blog makes me laugh and cry and say “HEY! I can relate to that!”

    She IS the Urban Momtographer and she is one of the most authentic people I’ve ever met. In our fair city, that says a lot.

    1. I’d also like to nominate Lindsay. A dear friend, excellent mom, a gifted photographer and a passionate advocate for the things she believes in. Go Lindz!

  9. I’d like to nominate Stacy of An American Girl in Canada:

    Her blog details the day-to-day life she has with her husband and toddler son. She also discusses many serious topics such as her miscarriages, her faith, her extended family. She is a beautiful person and a wonderful mother. I, and many others, have enjoyed watching her belly grow and, now, her son!

  10. i’m shamelessly nominating myself 🙂
    i write a design/lifestyle blog about the things i love and make! i post a lot about local artists, makers, and designers. i love fashion + architecture + stationery + design, and i love to highlight handmade and indie shops and designers. my blog is about anything and everything that i love and that inspires me.
i am a mom of two awesome kiddos living in north van, and i started my blog around the same time i started my small home business. smidgebox designs is my creative outlet, i sew handmade gifts and goodies for babies, tots, and young-at-heart adults.
i’d love for you to take a look!

  11. I’m an Abbotsford mom who is shamelessly nominating my blog. I launched My Real Review in November of 2009 as a side project and fell in love with blogging. I’ve been amazed in the ways my blog has grown and the following it has gained! My blog consists of my thoughts on various products, ideas, and some stuff on life in general. In particular, I’m always on the lookout for eco-friendly and frugal solutions to manage the chaos of motherhood. I also try to incorporate a weekly vlog post (video post) where I can connect more personally with fellow bloggers and readers.

  12. If the Cari Snell (Can I Get The Recipe) bandwagon has room for another, I’m certainly jumping on! How this momma of two active boys manages to find the time to maintain such an informative and interesting recipe blog and still look gorgeous is beyond me! All I can say is … if you haven’t checked out her blog, you’d be silly not to now that you know about it!

  13. This is great! LOVE that I get to see all the Vancouver blogging moms. I don’t mean to be a meanie but I’m visiting all the sites nominated and some (if not half) don’t have rss feeds! I want to get your updates! 🙂

  14. In a way this is shameless self promotion (I’m not proud) as is co-written by me… but I’d like to nominate my blogging partner Erica Wells who is a Vancouverite (whereas I sadly left Vancouver for native UK last summer.
    Erica and I are aiming to help all rookie moms survive the undeniably tough first years of motherhood. We like to offer advice, encourage discussions and hope that our readers get a sense of comradeship from our blog.
    More shameless self promotion – our parenting book The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms will be in stores mid April! Exciting!!

  15. Ok my self-nomination didn’t go through. Does that disqualify me when I’m not even able to nominate myself?

    My blog is about my adventures in rediscovering my style after 40. Follow to see how I balance my love of fashion, the needs of real life and gravity (oh yeah and a toddler).

    1. Thanks for the nomination Kerry. I am glad your mom nominated you as well. I second your nomminations, they are all fantastic blogs.

  16. Since self-nominations are invited, I’ll nominate myself! 😉

    I am a vegan cookbook author (eat, drink & be vegan, Vive le Vegan, and The Everyday Vegan) and have been publishing my cooking blog for about 5 years, offering vegan cooking information, tips, and recipes. I also write with True/Slant in connection with my blog (

    Many thanks…

  17. A shout out to myself on this one!

    I write about having a baby hitting 40… and realizing I’m not 20 anymore, about wading through motherhood… but feeling as though I’m drowning as a wife, about finding harmony and bliss at home even though I may not have cleaned the toilet in a week (or I would have discovered the megablocks hiding behind it). About totally giving up control as I knew it…and learning to be ok with it all.

  18. Alexis Hinde’s Blog “Wave the Stick” – even though she’s not always a consistent poster. It’s about her trials and tribulations as a Mommy AND new business owner.(If I could combine a vote for her Twitter Feed and Blog I’d do that.) Her ‘tweets’ never fail to make my day.

  19. I want to vote for the’solo mommy’ blog. It’s a beautifully written blog that comes from the heart and speaks to the heart. Jenny writes not only about what she’s going through as a Mom, but also about the spiritual and emotional journeys of being a woman. I can relate and connect to her blog even though I’m not a mom. She writes about interesting and different topics, talks about relationships and how to be strong a woman. Jenny’s writing captivates me.

  20. Solomommy offers good insight and I like her perspective on relationships and just everyday life. I look forward to her blogs and so does my brother Robert.

  21. I know just the mom for this.

    Sarah of Emerging Mummy ( is one of my favorite bloggers. She writes eloquently and intelligently about a wide range of topics (from whole foods to healthcare to happiness). Her beautiful way with words, along with her beautiful way of life, make her an ideal pick for this list. I highly recommend her.

    P.S. You can also find Sarah on Twitter @emergingmummy.

  22. I would like to nominate a phenomenal blogger who also happens to be a full-time free-lance writer who works from home and mother to 4 kids- all between the ages of 22 month and 18 years old!

    I’ve been reading her blog for over 3 years, and she never ceases to amaze me at her ability to spotlight the political and still retain the warmth and love inherant to mothers. She writes about her family at times, shares anecdotes in among the political stories, and fights for the best within the province to ensure a future for new generations.

    An inspiration to all, this mom deserves a shout, for the best ” mom” blog around!!

  23. I nominate Mama’s log–my friend Liesl does an amazing job of sharing her frank, vulnerable and powerful experience of raising her son. Very brave!

  24. I nominate
    Tired of reading the same old blog about what so-and-so’s precious baby did today supported by mediocre photos? Start following See Theo Run.

    Harriet blogs about the beautiful child she and her husband adopted last summer. Thought provoking, funny, sweet and capable of making you cry (but only on occasion) this is one local mama blog that I always follow despite my lack of free time.

    I also nominate
    Megan Zandstra is a north van mama and crafter/sewer extraordinaire who has an etsy site and a recent mention in Vancouver Magazine’s Best of the City edition 2010 p. 74. She’ll come to your home and lead a fun crafting event for parents and kids. I love following her craft and home projects.

  25. I nominate my wife Jen. She is a mom, and a full-time business person, and a published author. She started a personal blog about a year ago and I think it is really compelling.

    jen’s blog is about the struggles a working mother faces, both personally and professionally. She maintains that blog while also writing in our business blog and being a key part of our business.

    Here it is:


  26. I would like to nominate “The Tsunami Mommy.” Her blog is wonderful and covers the spectrum of subjects about mommydom and life in general. If you don’t believe me go read it for yourself.

  27. I’d like to nominate Susan Main’s excellent blog:

    She has an 9-year-old son but her blog focuses on interesting local personalities (in particular ordinary people), issues (such as homelessness and the arts) and events (social media tweetups, Twestivals and cultural happenings).

    I love the local focus of her blog and its authentic tone.

  28. There are so many great mom blogs out there. I’d like to nominate;
    Delicious & tasty blog, and hits the spot on preventing those ‘what am I going to make tonight?!’ nights.
    Fun to remember life lived with younger kids, or in this case, read about that life with someone else’s younger kids. 😉
    I’ll put my humble blog in the hat too. Blogging about travelling with kids & about the importance of educating kids through travelling as a family.

  29. I would like to nominate my cousin Sherri’s blog.
    She is a great person and she’s got great taste in all the stuff that mom’s are interested in… and beyond. She is evidence that being a stay at home mom doesn’t have to just be about strollers and nursing bras and what’s for dinner. All that stuff has it’s place but it is clear she has an eye for fashion, design and all things lovely… as is she.

  30. I’m shamelessly nominating my blog.
    As the name says I’m quite busy working from home with two kids 5 and 3 years old. The blog is about me talking about my challenges, likes and dislikes, healthy recipes. I am proud of my blog; as a non-English speaker I came a long way since 2008, blogging was and is a learning progress for me. It is a joy for me to get to it whenever I can, mostly midnights. This is something for me , it’s like my me time.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.


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