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Christmas is a time of year to be generous and give gifts, but all that sharing and generous giving often ends up as a big bag of wrapping paper, packaging and broken toys at the end of the day. Making Christmas a more environmentally friendly occasion takes a little bit of planning, but the holiday season can be less taxing on the earth. Here are a few ideas for a greener christmas to help you get started.

Looking for a hands-on way to conserve the environment? The Green Team is a group of people from all over the Lower Mainland who get together once a month (sometimes more) to help an environmental group, non-profit organization, charity, or city tackle an environmental issue that needs co-operation and teamwork to get done. Some activities…

What would you do without power for an hour? Play checkers by candlelight? Do some yoga in the dark? Host a candlelight dinner for your friends and family? Count the minutes until you can start watching tv again? Earth Hour is an opportunity to do just that–turn off all your lights and electrical appliances for an hour and take a stand against climate change.

Have you ever considered going shampoo-less (or “no-poo” as the trend has become known)? Though the thought of skipping the daily ritual of washing your hair might sound crazy, many women are doing just that in an effort to use fewer chemicals, save money, and, perhaps surprisingly, have healthier-looking hair. One such brave woman is Jen Arbo (and no, her hair doesn’t stink).

Green Bean Baby is a Vancouver-based company that offers a complete line of incredibly soft baby clothing, accessories, bedding and bath towels. The designs are sewn in BC from 100% certified organically-grown cotton to address growing concerns about human health, the environment, and safe working conditions in the textile industry. Green Bean Baby designs and detailing are simple, sweet and gender-neutral–the perfect eco-friendly gift for the little bean in your life. Lynn Stapleford is the owner and sat down to answer some of our questions for us.

I first heard of Fill Your Own water bottles at this winter’s Children’s Trunk Show. I was instantly enchanted by the thoughtfulness of the bottles’ functionality and the cute designs. Inventor, managing director and mom Annette Yang has put a lot of thought into the functionality of the bottle – and it shows.