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Worried the kids brains might turn to mush over Spring Break? Fear not!¬†It’s Maker Break, presented by YVR, at Science World from March 11-26. Think two weeks of innovative, creative, hands-on science activities and performances for kids that they will love. Kids can try their hands at¬†designing a speedy but safe model bobsled or a…

“What will my children DO when they grow up!” This has got to be one of the most common questions (and fears) for parents. Careers seem to change as fast as the latest social media platform. But one thing’s for sure, entrepreneurial skills will never go out of style. Here are a few wonderful programs for kids on how to hone their natural inquisitiveness and business

Creativity and Play

Creativity and creative skills can be acquired through play, when kids have the freedom to explore under their own steam, as Lorrie Holmes shares.

When you think about creativity and innovation, what comes to mind? Professional scientists in white lab coats, performing highly technical experiments involving pipettes and petri dishes? Or an artist creating a masterpiece with paint and canvas? What about a kid spreading his mashed potatoes into a lumpy castle, complete with moat, turret and dungeon? April 21 is International Creativity and Innovation Day, which makes it an excellent opportunity to rethink what creativity and innovation mean to you.