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What better way to ease back into fitness than to re-centre with your babe at a yoga class? Baby yoga can build flexibility and create a happy baby from the soothing movements. Namaste to that! Mom & baby yoga: 8 studios Studio 202 Located in North Vancouver, Studio 202 focuses on inspired living. Their Mom…

Unlike last year’s unusually mild winter (good for us, not so good for the Olympics), this year’s Vancouver winter is predicted to be more cold and snowy. La Nina, which usually follows a strong El Nino like last year, is a large climate pattern that brings cool ocean temperatures to the Pacific Northwest. Translation: we’re in for a cold one!

We asked Yan Lu, owner of North Vancouver’s Active Baby, what her top picks were for keeping your little bambinos warm and dry this winter. Here’s what she had to say.

There is surprisingly passionate debate about the Right Way to teach your child to ride a bike. If you remember learning how to ride, chances are you also remember getting a few bumps and bruises. (Am I the only one who crashed into a lamp post?) A few scrapes are practically unavoidable, so here are a few tips to keep in mind.

All baby carriers offer two main advantages: your hands are free and your baby is close to you. Putting your baby in a carrier can make many everyday tasks (like grocery shopping) much easier. In cold weather, keeping your baby close to your body helps her stay warm. Here’s an overview of the types of baby carriers available today.

For heavy use, you’ll need a baby carrier that can stand up easily to your chosen activities. For long walks or hikes, it’s usually easiest to carry your baby on your back. However, most everyday child carriers offer a front carry position only.

If you have a young baby or a toddler, taking him or her outside in the heat of summer or the cold of winter can be a bit daunting at first. (What if those chubby cheeks get sunburned? What if he’s too hot? Too cold? Aaack!) It’s enough to drive any new parent around the bend. With proper summer gear and winter layering, however, you can put your fears to rest—which is a good thing, because there is nothing quite like worrying about the welfare of your child to rob your outdoor activities of all enjoyment.