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What to Do in Vancouver: Go to the Lego Store

What to Do in Vancouver: Go to the Lego Store

Lego Bricks and Child's Hand

There is almost nothing more sacred to my son than Lego. He spends hours every day creating new vehicles, towers, spaceships and whatever else comes to mind. He reads Lego books about design, building techniques, or Lego catalogues to see what is new in the world of Lego. When he found out that Oakridge was getting Vancouver’s first Lego Store he was excited and he couldn’t wait to get in and start looking and building. I know that the store has been open for a couple of weeks, but the Grand Opening was this weekend.

Crowds of Lego Enthusiasts

I knew going in that the Lego store would likely be crowded and there might be a line. What I did not expect was how long that line was going to be. My husband went up to Oakridge before 9:00 am (the store was opening at 10:00 am) and went to where all the other people were lined up. After waiting about 15 minutes and really checking out the line we decided that it would be in our best interests to get out and do something else and come back later. As it turns out it was a good idea as we knew someone who was about 20 people ahead in the line and she didn’t make it into the store until four hours later.

Help a Master Builder
Lego R2D2

We did come back in the late afternoon and there was still a line-up to get into the Lego store so we took the boys to do something really cool. We got to actually help make the bigger bricks (out of regular bricks) to help the Master Builder from Lego Headquarters make a huge Lego R2D2. After you build as many bricks as you want you bring them to the master builder and then you get a certificate saying that you helped to build the R2D2. My boys were lucky enough to get theirs autographed by the Master Builder.

The Vancouver Lego Community in the Future

While we didn’t make it into the actual Lego Store on Saturday, we will be heading in soon. The boys will get a chance to see more of the models and maybe spend some of their saved allowance. We will also be signing up my eldest son for the Lego Club activities. Meetings are once a month and give kids a chance to meet other Lego enthusiasts as well as taking part in an exclusive build.

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The Lego Store
650 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver

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