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Lusso Baby Review

Lusso Baby Review

Despite the downpour this past Saturday, my husband and I, along with our two young daughters, ventured out to check out the Lusso Baby grand opening in North Vancouver, as well as purchase a birthday gift for my soon-to-be two-year-old nephew. The journey was well worth my trip.

Lusso is Italian for “luxury” and the store definitely lives up to its name. “We want to make sure that our products set a bar for quality,” says Chris Milton of Lusso Baby. And you can tell.  With products like the Stokke Xplory stroller, eco-friendly Plan Toys, and Schoenhut Toy Pianos, it’s clear that special care has been taken when deciding which brands to carry in the store.

Owners Arash Fasihi and Shima Javadi, who were on hand mingling with customers, have big plans for Lusso Baby. With their company Cymax, a large Vancouver-based online retailer with about 300,000 skus, Lusso Baby has the ability to fulfill orders across North America when their online store launches in a few days. Plans are to open a second location in Sterling, VA, near their distribution centre.

Our family was instantly greeted by a phenomenal 4,500 square foot show room with staggeringly high ceilings. The store is beautifully decorated in a calming cream and is designed so you can easily browse the store’s modern selection of merchandise. Strollers can maneuver with ease.

The grand opening offered refreshments and on-the-spot chair massages. I chose the sparkling pomegranate mock tail to sip while browsing the store. My four-year-old daughter was particularly enamoured with the bite-sized cupcakes prettily decorated in catchy colours that appealed to that little princess inside her. My kids quickly gravitated to one side of the store where they had a Skip-hop Playspot foam play pad for kids to roll around on.

The selection of baby products for the modern family is astounding. I have never seen so many diaper bags in one place! And as you walk around, you discover that the store has much of what soon-to-be or new parents are looking for – cribs, strollers, high chairs, car seats and more.

If you’re not rolling with a stroller, I recommend parking in the free underground parking lot. As an added bonus, the stairs from the lot let you out right at the Lusso Baby entrance, so barely a drop of rain will touch your little one’s head. However, I didn’t see an elevator, so if you do have a stroller, it might be best to park above ground.

Lusso Baby plans on offering lots of amenities – like a stroller valet service and pregnancy and early-childhood seminars. The store currently does not have a breastfeeding area as they are using it for a storage facility, but I was told that the area would be available once the opening is behind them. Free gift-wrapping is also available and nicely done in a Lusso Baby branded bag – perfect for moms. However, since I purchased a gift for a young child, kid-friendly wrapping paper would have been an appreciated option.

Despite that, I was extremely impressed with Lusso Baby, which has managed to create a store that is easy to browse, appealing to the eye and offers phenomenal modern-styled baby products – all under one roof.

And for my nephew? I purchased a cute safari-inspired Playmobil set. Shhh… don’t tell.

Lusso Baby – Grand Opening October 17

1037 Marine Dr., North Vancouver, BC
778-340-0648 | Facebook | Twitter: @lussobaby

Featured image courtesy of Lusso Baby

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  • I had a bad experience with Lusso Baby. I ordered and paid in August 11, 2011. Today is October 6, 2011 and no product. Already reported to Canadian Business Bureau. Watch out!

  • Lusso Baby was the worst company I have ever ordered something from online. One month after ordering a gift for my nephew the product had not even been shipped! I was charged full price the day of the order and was not refunded until I spent a month calling and sending emails. They gave me the run around and had absolutely no customer service. It was an awful experience. I wish I ordered from!

  • I have to concur with the previous commenters – I placed an order on February 19 and my credit card was immediately charged. Ten days later, and nothing had happened with my order (and one item was on back order and the shipping date kept moving back). It turns out that another item which was listed as in-stock was also not available. THe customer service manager claimed they only received my order the day I called – but had charged my card 10 days earlier! I’m so so unimpressed with this company, and will certainly NEVER order from them again.

    As Kate said, BEWARE!

  • I have to agree with the previous posters! My Husband and I ordered our crib a month or so ago after being promised that the longest we would have to wait would be 10 business days. Needless to say, that was a complete lie and we were starting to become frustrated with the Reps telling us that our item would be delivered “any day now”. Finally after over a month, our crib has arrived but the phone call we were promised to let us know that our crib was ready for delivery never happened. My Husband had to go out of his way to drive 45 minutes back to our condo only to be told by the delivery company that they couldn’t make the time they agreed to meet at. Now we have no choice but to pick up the item ourselves when we requested for home delivery. What an inconvenience this has cost my Husband and I. I would never shop there again. If you want QUALITY, West Coast Kids in Richmond has the same high end products and you don’t have such a long commute to go through.


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