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What to do in Vancouver: Science World

What to do in Vancouver: Science World

Science World: Is It Only For Kids?

The view of the newly renovated building and its iconic silver globe is spectacular at any time of day. You’ll often see photographers in the Village snapping photos when the light is best. I often walk by as I make my way to one playground or another along False Creek with my son. The highly anticipated Ken Spencer Science Park has come to life recently as they finished up the construction process outside Science World’s doors. The grand opening happened in October, and the first egg has been laid by the chickens.

I have to admit I got quite excited to see that the facilities have dramatically improved in look and feel. Science World has always been near the top of the list when families are deciding what to do in Vancouver, but now it’s even better. The atmosphere seemed very stroller friendly (read:lots of space to roll) and so we took the plunge and bought a year’s pass. I was pointed in the direction of the spaces that were best suited for the under six age group but soon discovered that all the galleries had something to offer as well. As my son gets older I’m sure he’ll continue to be amazed by all there is to see.

Inside Science World: Galleries

We made our way to the Kids Space Gallery, for the two to six year old age group, where my son spent about an hour playing with the water table, the very safe play structures, and huge foam building blocks. There’s also a cozy nursing room, a.k.a nap room, off to the side. On any given day there is something different to see as we soon discovered. One of our visits to this gallery also included face painting and balloon twisting by two very talented staff members.

The next gallery we visited was The Sara Stern Gallery. It allows kids a chance to get up close to the resident critters who call this part of Science World home. Coco the resident Corn Snake was gently coaxed out of a deep sleep so that the kids could give her cool skin a stroke. On another visit the millipedes and iguanas were the focus and Zippy the Box Turtle was set on the carpet to demonstrate just why she was given that name.

What to do in Vancouver on a Rainy Day

Bring your bag lunch or enjoy a burger and yummy milkshake in the newly renovated Triple O’s restaurant and soak in the spectacular view of False Creek. As an option you could take your lunch to go and watch either The Rocky Mountain Express or To The Arctic, the current films being shown in the OMNIMAX theatre. Taking in one of the hourly science shows at Centre Stage is another option as it keeps kids busy and entertained and you can take it easy for a good twenty minutes. You’ll soon find out that time flies when you go to Science World! It’s what to do in Vancouver on a rainy November day.

Ken Spencer Science Park: Outdoor Fun

With phase one complete, the new Ken Spencer Science Park focuses on transportation, energy, food, water and waste. Vertical gardening, and urban farming, composting and water conservation are some of the elements included in the new outdoor park. There’s a stage, a pond and the latest inhabitants, Gord and Howie the resident chickens show you just how easy it is to raise urban chickens. I’m looking forward to seeing what phase two of the Ken Spencer Science Park will have to offer!

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With your membership at Telus World of Science you get a discount on parking, early opening privileges on the weekends and holidays, twenty percent off at the Aquarium, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre and the Royal BC Museum and more. With so much to see and do at Science World and with their new operating hours, its a good idea to plan your visit by going to their website.

What is your favourite thing to see and do with your kids at Science World?

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