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Where to Eat in Vancouver: The Best Jerky in Town at BKH Jerky

Where to Eat in Vancouver: The Best Jerky in Town at BKH Jerky

Where to Eat in Vancouver if You’re a Carnivore

BKH Jerky, makers of the best beef and pork jerky in town (and possibly even the best in the world), have opened up a new shop on Fraser Street at 16th Avenue. BKH is short for Bee Kim Heng, which means ‘beautiful golden smell’ in Chinese. This is an apt description of the jerky for the meat-lovers out there. This meaty treat is Singapore style jerky, which means it’s moist and sweet, nothing like the dry shoe leather you’ll find at the convenience store. If you’re a fan of jerky but looking for a healthier alternative, BKH Jerky is the stuff for you. It’s made fresh every day using no preservatives, MSG-free, wheat and gluten-free. To make their product, BKH takes high-quality cuts of Canadian beef and pork, slices them and barbeques them on a grill to get a unique smoky glaze. If you like jerky, this is where to eat in Vancouver.

A Little History

William Lim founded BKH Jerky after he learned the techniques to create this amazing snack in Singapore. This small, family-owned business started over 25 years ago a few blocks south on Fraser Street. A few years ago, William passed the torch and now the business is run by his son Scott. You might have seen Scott and his brother Raymond giving a pitch on the sixth season of Dragon’s Den. As of May this year, they relocated to their new location on Fraser and 16th Avenue.

Nothing but Jerky

BKH clearly takes a lot of pride in creating tasty snacks for their loyal customers. The business is entirely focussed on making jerky. When you come to the shop on Fraser Street, the grills are right there in the front windows so you can see exactly how they make it. However, if you don’t have time to visit the shop in person, you can order online. Follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook to get discount codes on orders. The jerky is sold in quantities of 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound or 1 pound bags, priced from $7.95-$27.95. Whether you stop by or you shop online, this place is where to eat in Vancouver when you have a hankering for meat.

BKH Jerky | Facebook  | Twitter
3201 Fraser Street, Vancouver

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