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Back to School Countdown Week 3

Back to School Countdown Week 3

It’s everywhere now – the commercials on TV, the specials at the grocery store, the banners in the windows of every shoe store ever. Don’t fret, we’re here for you. If you missed our first two weeks of suggestions, check out Back to School Countdown Weeks 1 and 2.


Sleep on time

It’s hard not to let those bedtimes slide. It’s light out so late, there are parties and BBQs and family visiting. But a gradual shift back to your school-time schedule will make those first two weeks less of a shock for everyone. We all know things get a bit hectic in the mornings, and while 10 minutes longer in bed seems like SUCH a good idea at the time, you will pay serious money to get those 10 minutes back when no one can find their shoes. Work with your kids to set up a schedule and try it out.

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Speaking of shoes

Time to take stock of those winter shoes and rain boots. The fall shoes are in the shops, so it’s a  good time to get out there and try them on. There’s nothing fun about dashing out trying to find rain boots mid-September when the forecast is a day into a week-long deluge. I can tell you from experience. A great investment we made last year were rain-proof running shoes.

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Oh right, packed lunches

Here we go again! Drag out those old containers to see what’s warped and what smells irretrievably. But here comes the fun part – buying new containers! Check out shops in Chinatown for bento box supplies, Raspberry Kids for leakproof lunch boxes, Whole Foods and Welk’s General Store for stainless steel. A selection of small cookie cutters makes it easy to cut veggies in cool shapes.

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