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Hey mamma, if you’re heading back to work soon, the first thing I want to tell you is – you’ve got this! Remember when you first had your babe, and there were all those moments of thinking “How will I ever be able to do this?!” And then at some point, you were that mom…

April 26, 2016 —Crisp Media CEO Christine Pilkington joins fellow guest Kai Garmo on Roundhouse Radio Sense of Place show with host Minelle Mahtani. The topic was there challenges and rewards of moms returning to work after taking time off from their careers to care for their children. Take a listen now!  Check out our…

You’re midway through maternity leave and your old job isn’t looking all that interesting anymore. You took a few years to be home while your kids were small, but now they’re at school and you’re looking around for a job. Any of this sound familiar?