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There is surprisingly passionate debate about the Right Way to teach your child to ride a bike. If you remember learning how to ride, chances are you also remember getting a few bumps and bruises. (Am I the only one who crashed into a lamp post?) A few scrapes are practically unavoidable, so here are a few tips to keep in mind.

All baby carriers offer two main advantages: your hands are free and your baby is close to you. Putting your baby in a carrier can make many everyday tasks (like grocery shopping) much easier. In cold weather, keeping your baby close to your body helps her stay warm. Here’s an overview of the types of baby carriers available today.


Introducing Your Child to Hiking

Parents who love the outdoors naturally want to share this love with their children, and children love being outside. Hiking with your child is not quite the same as the hiking you may have done pre-parenthood, but it can be a wonderful family activity for decades to come. Someday they will go farther and faster than you will!

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June is Get Active Month!

This June, we’re putting together a series of guides and articles to help you and your baby and kids get active in Vancouver. We’ll also be showcasing some local entrepreneurs, businesses and groups that are all about being fit and fun with your children. We’ll be updating this list as we publish more and more articles throughout the coming weeks.


Active Baby Backpack Carrier Clinic

Backpack carriers can be a comfortable and safe way for you and your children to enjoy the outdoors but they can also be intimidating. Many parents have questions like: How do I use one? What model is best for me and my partner? Why is a backpack carrier really needed? In response, Active Baby has decided to hold a clinic for the parents that want to get more involved with the outdoors and who need some pointers.