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Connection with other moms
Ethnobotany walk and time in nature
Connection with other momsEthnobotany walk and time in nature
Contact Information
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Mom Camp is an annual weekend retreat in Squamish in BC that gives moms space and support to rediscover themselves. Camp includes workshops from inspiring speakers, delicious food and wine, movement classes, outdoor activities including an ethnobotany walk with an Indigenous interpreter, a pyjama dance party, campfires, and the opportunity to connect and share with other moms. Mom Camp offers busy moms two nights of relaxation, rejuvenation, growth and community. Moms leave with the tools and support network to help them to get back on their own priority list.

Gillian Behnke, the founder of Mom Camp is also mom of two teens, podcast host and an author. She is passionate about helping moms put themselves back on their own priority list. Gillian believes motherhood doesn’t have to equal exhaustion and offers the tools and permission to thrive mentally, emotionally, physically and professionally.

Connect with Gillian on Instagram @momcamplife

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