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What makes a campsite kid-friendly? The perfect campsite will vary from family to family, but in general, a campsite is great for young kids if it has a relatively safe waterfront, easy hikes, and nearby amenities such as laundry, showers and toilets. Here are a few great family friendly campsites within a short driving distance from Metro Vancouver.

Trees on the Grouse Grind

Girls do the Grouse Grind

New mom Katie Smith rounds up her girlfriends, does the Grouse Grind – and experiences triumph.

As the popular saying goes, “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.” This is especially true when it comes to going hiking as a family. Having the right gear with you when you need it can make the difference between a fun outing and a painfully cold trudge through the woods. The specific things you need will depend, of course, on the ages of your kids and the length of hike you’re planning, but here’s some gear that’s great to have on a family hike.