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“What will my children DO when they grow up!” This has got to be one of the most common questions (and fears) for parents. Careers seem to change as fast as the latest social media platform. But one thing’s for sure, entrepreneurial skills will never go out of style. Here are a few wonderful programs for kids on how to hone their natural inquisitiveness and business

Baby Love: Green Bean Baby

Green Bean Baby is a Vancouver-based company that offers a complete line of incredibly soft baby clothing, accessories, bedding and bath towels. The designs are sewn in BC from 100% certified organically-grown cotton to address growing concerns about human health, the environment, and safe working conditions in the textile industry. Green Bean Baby designs and detailing are simple, sweet and gender-neutral–the perfect eco-friendly gift for the little bean in your life. Lynn Stapleford is the owner and sat down to answer some of our questions for us.

It seems like children can grow faster than biologically possible … at least to us sorrowful moms who want them to stay babies forever. In the first year of life, a child may wear that cute dress once or twice before it’s unable to fit over that ever-growing noggin. Whether you are unwilling to pay $50 for that adorable dress at Baby Gap or you just couldn’t resist that $50 dress at Baby Gap, children’s consignment stores can be a lifesaver on both fronts.