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Some like chocolate, some like roses and other’s, a fine with bubbly does the trick. But cookies? EVERYONE likes cookies. Check out some of the cutest, quirkiest Valentine’s Day cookies in town. Valentine’s Cookies Soirette Pastry & Tea A box full of ❤!! Filled with hand decorated vanilla shortbread hearts – available online and in…

Fact: Christmas cookies taste better when they’re in the shape of a snowman. Doughnuts taste better when they’re covered in red and green sprinkles. And calories don’t count if you’re wearing a Santa hat while you’re eating. (We can dream, right?) In case you need an excuse to treat yourself over the holidays, here are…

“If you are quiet for ten minutes I will get you a cookie” is something we say a lot of at home. To follow through, it helps to know the best place to score cookies in town, as you better believe I’m getting one too.