Summer Camp – Canada West Coast Dream Adventure

Summer Camp – Canada West Coast Dream Adventure

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Contact Information
3456 West 36th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6N 2R9

The Summer Camp – Canada West Coast Dream Adventure program is the perfect combination of natural beauty and adventure activities to discover the best Western Canada has to offer!

This is a 7 or 14 day co-ed camp for teens between 13 and 18 years old, camp has a variety of activities throughout the week and is based in Phoenix Magnet Academy’s dormitory in Squamish, we offer pick up and drop off service either at the Vancouver International Airport or Vancouver Outdoors Society’s Office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Days at camp follow a steady rhythm. Mornings are fast moving. Campers hit the ground running (literally for some!) as they head to breakfast and the daily activity. Things slow down when we are heading back to the dormitory and prepare for dinner, then there’s an evening activity before we wind the day down.

For campers, it’s the perfect mix — lots of activity to keep everyone engaged, with times to recharge through the day. Campers don’t get bored because they have a diverse schedule intentionally designed to make it a fun-filled summer away from home.

To understand and appreciate the spectacular wild and natural beauty of British Columbia the group will spend two nights camped outside under the stars at a backcountry trail campsite where they will learn basic survival skills. There will also be a high alpine day hike (accessed by gondola car) where participants will travel in a high mountain environment where there are year-round snow fields and glaciers! Participants will learn about the history and culture of local First Nations and will also get the opportunity to explore the city of Vancouver along with the Olympic town of Whistler.

This exciting Canadian west coast program is perfectly designed for teens and will leave each participant with incredible memories! It is a once in a lifetime experience and we hope you will join us for your unforgettable Canadian Dream Summer!


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