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Winter is coming. And while for some hearing this phrase means new episodes of Game of Thrones, it’s the higher energy bills that have us concerned. So before the leaves have all fallen and the toques come out, maybe it’s time to tighten up your energy use. One way to save and get the whole…

Since Father’s Day is in June, we thought we’d mix things up a bit and highlight some fabulous guys this month. Up first is Jason Powell, the president and founder of Coco & Tini, an all-natural hair and bath care line for babies and kids.

Coco and Tini Skincare Cleans Up

The other day I received some samples of Coco & Tini’s new line of skincare products for babies and I set them aside on the bathroom counter, planning to try them out during the evening bath time. However, during dinner, my four-year-old decided to turn a cupful of mud over my toddler’s head. Mud dripped all down one side of her hair, over her ear and all down the back of her clothes. Oh boy.