STEM Camp Coming to BC!

STEM Camp Coming to BC!

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Contact Information
828 Laval Square, Coquitlam, BC, Canada V3K 2E6
Phone: 519-475-6600

Canada’s federally registered STEM Camp is expanding into British Columbia starting summer of 2024!

STEM Camp is a Canadian not for profit summer camp operating over 60 summer camps across Ontario and now British Columbia. Since 2013, STEM Camp has “graduated” 60,000 campers and employed over 2,400 college and university students!

The STEM Camp mission is to inspire Canadian youth through participating in hands-on activities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). STEM Camp provides learning experiences through fun, engaging programming that encourages children to explore their sense of wonder. Children are introduced to engaging STEM activities that promote discovery, reward curiosity, and leave them amazed at what they can do!

In British Columbia, summer 2024, STEM Camp will launch in Port Moody, Sidney and Victoria. Registration launches January 3, 2024 and will fill up fast! Check out our website for launch details: 

Discount rates apply from Jan. 3 to January 17, 2024.

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