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Zox of the Forest

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Zox in the Forest
Zox in the Forest
Zox in the Forest
Zox in the Forest
Contact Information
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 604-710-4234

Zox of the Forest – Children's Entertainer & Puppeteer

All is quiet in the forest. There is a beautiful stillness everywhere. Then the birds sing, the tree frogs croak and the baby raccoons look down from their trees. By the foot of a tree stands Zox of the Forest, the magical forest man. In his gunny sack, there are songs, stories, friends, and lots of joy to share with every boy and girl he meets.

Zox of the Forest is a fairy tale character raised in the forest. He is gentle and playful and has the gift to communicate with nature. Zox has many forest friends and for each show is accompanied by a few of them. They may include Wakoo, the Wolf, Ferlin the Fox, Baka, the Beaver, Twigla, the Moose, Mala, the Bat, Oyo, the Octopus, Wakanda, the Blue Whale, Yvandor, the Pteranodon, and Chuma, the Stegosaurus.

David Cooper has been performing as Zox of the Forest for young children for 17 years. He is a passionate performer who creates his own songs, stories, puppet characters, skits and shows. David loves children and is committed to making a difference in their lives through his work.

Zox of the Forest performs shows that are very interactive, playful and imaginative. He does different theme shows about the forest, jungle, ocean, space, dinosaurs, Halloween and Christmas. Each show consists of skits, storytelling, puppetry, music, and juggling. Zox uses different props and bring instruments for the children to play during the music portion of the show.

For birthday parties, after the show, Zox, gives each child either a balloon animal and/or a very colourful drawing (prepared beforehand) of an animal, bird, reptile, insect or dinosaur. Zox also does balloon animals and animal art drawings for fairs and festivals.

Zox of the Forest has performed at fairs and festivals, schools, birthday parties, community and shopping centres, corporations, charity events and at other special events. Some of the places he has performed at are Lighthouse Country Fair in Qualicum Bay, White Rock Sea Festival, Queens Park Bandshell, Alexandra Festival, Daisy Day Festival, Dewdney Elementary School, Movie Under The Stars Stage Show in Surrey, Kids First Read 2013, Christmas in Williams Park, Lynn Valley Days, Port Alberni Festival, Walnut Grove Library, Oakridge Town Centre, Squamish Canada Day, and Richmond Nature Park.

Zox of the Forest is available for birthday parties and other special events.


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