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Our programs allow kids to explore entrepreneurship, business concepts and ideas and learn the value of money through a collection of interactive lessons. The programs and activities have been developed by successful entrepreneurs coupled with the expertise of K-12 educational professionals to ensure that we make business fun for kids while delivering key learning objectives and teaching them real-life business and money lessons.

School Break Camps

Our 1 week school break program introduces KidPreneurs to the basics of business in a fun, practical and age appropriate approach.  Camps are offered in a full day or half day format.  Families can choose either format or join both!  Each camp provides KidPreneurs with a different kind of business experience.

Full Day Camps

Our 1 week full day program will inspire camp goers to generate innovative ideas, spot opportunities, problem solve as they collaborate with team members. KidPreneurs will experience working on a business with other people. Each day, campers learn a new concept as they prepare for the last day of the camp – our Lemonade Stand Challenge!  This camp not only introduces kids to business. Kids  also learn about social entrepreneurship and the importance of giving back to the community.  

Half Day Camps

Our 1 week KidPreneur camp is perfect for busy students who are unable to attend our after school programs.   Each KidPreneur develops their own business and debuts it to the community on Market Day.   This camp allows Kidpreneurs to experience what it is like to start their business on their own.  This may be an intensive course but don’t worry!  KidPreneurs will have enough time to prepare for their big business launch throughout the summer as market day will be scheduled at the end of summer!

After School Program

KidPreneurs work through the steps of starting their own mini-business from how to spot an opportunity, decide on a product or service, to prototyping, marketing, setting goals, creating a budget, customer service and the art of selling (a product, but also an idea).  Soft skills emphasize perseverance, communication and leadership. Program ends with a Market, where the kids sell their products to real customers. KidPreneurs keep all money they make on market day.

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