STEM, Life Skills and Creativity programs for kids by YoungSkillz

STEM, Life Skills and Creativity programs for kids by YoungSkillz

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Over 20 types of Creativity courses
Digital Painting $ 3D Sculpting
Graphical Programming and Game Building
Public Speaking for Kids
Life Skills for kids
Financial Literacy for kids
Over 20 types of Creativity coursesDigital Painting $ 3D SculptingGraphical Programming and Game BuildingYoungCodersYoungSkillzPublic Speaking for KidsLife Skills for kidsYoungScientistsFinancial Literacy for kidsChess
Contact Information
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 7786829436

YoungSkillz provides online programs in STEM, Life Skills, public speaking and creativity to kids and youth.


Our Computer programming courses start with kids as young as 6 yrs old and begin with introduction to the various building blocks of programming. The Graphical Programming and Game building course is a basic block based visual programming course using Scratch, developed at MIT. It is a great way for kids to get introduced to the main constructs of programming. Kids start with the introductory course and advance to different levels to build their own games.

The Programming with Python introduces the students to the basics of programming using the Python language. Python is a very powerful language and is used in many places.  Kids will work on interesting and challenging projects

The Web Design and Development course introduces the students to the basics of designing and creating webpages. The course will cover the various components of a webpage and will teach the kids how work with various elements such as text, images, links and forms. Kids will create and design their own web pages.


Young Skills programs focus on some important skills which the kids can make use of in everyday life. These include but are not limited to goal setting, communication, presentation, motivation, problem solving, financial literacy, group dynamics and leadership skills.


Our Public Speaking courses focus giving confidence to the kids to speak in front of an audience and teaches them some great techniques. Students will learn story telling, speech writing and working on impromptu and prepared speeches.


YoungSkillz delivers a number of fun and interesting creativity courses for kids. These include but are not limited to Acrylic, water color  Painting, Drawing, Macrame, Paper Mache, modeling clay, Photography, drama, puppets, Print Making, Mixed Media, modeling clay, Origami and many more.


These are programs which help the kids in their physical and mental well being. We currently offer Yoga for kids and various levels of Chess for kids


These set of programs include but are not limited to digital painting, 3D sculpting and robotics

Besides these YoungSkillz organizes a number of events for kids such as Science and art Fairs and workshops as well as hackathons.

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