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PIANO LESSONS The Very Best At Your Fingertips

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Contact Information
2668 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6K 2G3
Phone: 604-328-1090

About me

When people I meet socially ask me what I do, of course I tell them "I teach piano". The most common response I receive is: "I took piano as a child, and I HATED it!"

They usually tell me "it wasn't fun", and this has always baffled me. WHY? WHY wasn't it fun? WHY can it NOT be fun!

While I encourage my students to work hard towards short and long term goals we set together, I think to myself: there is no reason this can't be FUN in the process.

In our studio, piano lessons ARE fun. My students consistently achieve high honours in various festivals and exams, winning top awards & maintaining standings within the top 1% of Canada, AND, during their lessons, there is lots of laughter to be heard outside the door. Humour is big for me, and yes, piano has all of its benefits academically and discipline wise, but in the end, we study the piano for the love of music, gifting ourselves with a skill that we will have for life.

INSTAGRAM @pianolessonsvancouver


It's that special balance of serious and fun that Miss Lauren seems to have mastered. To the lesson, Lauren brings and enthusiasm for discipline and hard work, while finding it possible to do so with humour and laughter. Students quickly gravitate towards Lauren's warm and endearing personality and feel comfortable being themselves, as she is kind, caring and compassionate. That priceless bond between teacher and student develops almost immediately and it's in this environment that students flourish and prosper.

Lesson details

Lessons are exclusively private, and generally weekly, though there are a few gifted students who come twice per week. Right from day one, Miss. Lauren gifts the students with a well-rounded and comprehensive education, covering all the basics, including proper technique (physically), artistry (emotion), rhythm, ear development, and a strong emphasis on note-reading. This is meant to be a skill students will have for life, so Miss Lauren makes sure the foundation is strong from the get-go. Goals are also a big part of learning and development. Students are encouraged to participate in festivals, competitions, Royal Conservatory Exams, and of course our twice-yearly studio recitals. The calibre is high in Miss Lauren's studio, and students are also encouraged and inspired by hearing each other play, and are paired in duets and trios for ensemble playing, which both drills in rhythm and provides another social aspect to an otherwise sometimes solitary pursuit. Students are given detailed weekly assignments which are expected to be completed, and daily practice and a piano in the home is required. Miss Lauren teaches children as young as 3 right through the most advanced levels of repertoire, and has a special fondness for adult learners as well.

Education and Accreditation

One of Vancouver's most in demand piano teachers, Ms. Kelly grew up in Victoria, fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study intensely with world renowned teachers including May Ling Kwok, Winifred Wood and Dr. Robin Wood. Her 20+ years of studies then took Lauren to Vancouver, where she continued with famous teachers, including Miranda Wong, Jane Coop, Rena Sharon and Kum Sing Lee. Winner of many scholarships and competitions, Lauren also began teaching in her teenage years and has maintained a thriving piano studio here in Vancouver for the past 15 years. While Ms. Kelly is passionate about performing both solo and collaboratively, her true calling is with her piano students, who consistently achieve high honours in festivals, competitions and RCM Exams. In the little spare time that Lauren has, she loves to laugh with friends. Lauren is pretty confident you'll laugh at her German, but she's even more confident she'll give you a run for your money on the ski-hill.

*Master of Music in Piano Performance
*Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance
*Diploma in Piano Performance from Camosun College
*Member of the British Columbia Music Teachers' Association
* Artist in Residence at the Banff Centre for the Performing Arts
*Scholarship studies at L'Académie Orford Musique in Quebec and the Casalmaggiore International Music Festival in Italy
*20 years teaching experience

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