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Contact Information
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7M 0C8
Phone: 778 554 5705

Norca Art provides professional photography and motion picture services. We offer a wide variety of products including documentary family portrait videos and photos, lifestyle family photos, couple photos, maternity photos and portrait photos.

Documentary Family Portrait is a professional multi-media genre which takes a step away from the artificial world of studio photography by focusing on reality itself. The reality of one of your ordinary and yet a unique day. It tells your story, the memory of how it was getting ready for the day in the morning, the chaos of rushing to school, the moment when daddy arrives home from work, the lullaby before bedtime – makes you almost feel the smell of the cake you have baked together, or remember the sock you found under a pile of toys after you had been done washing.

My name is Nikoletta Kovacs, the owner of Norca Art. My mission is to capture human moments, to tell a story which, for its characters, could constitute the basis of remembering, a reflection on their life, personality and human relationships. All the techniques I use, the genre I choose aim to persist and perpetuate the essence of the story.

Norca Arts was born from the inexhaustible curiosity and passion I feel about meeting different people and learning their stories. This curiosity led me through the universities where I earned a master’s degree in TV and documentary directing and another one in psychology. It led me through years working with children as a school psychologist and through my ten years of professional career when I was working in the media and film industry.

We moved to Vancouver in December, 2017. Me and my husband have been working on building a home for ourselves and our future family ever since. I strive to get into the city life and to be useful to our community. It makes me happy to have the chance again to work with families.

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