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MCKids Academy EDU Gaming Camps

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Contact Information
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 7788402534
MCKIDS ACADEMY provides after-school, weekend and holiday camps for children ages 8-13. Sessions include in-game instruction on three or more private, monitored, whitelisted Minecraft servers. Each of our games house safeguards to help children build, craft and explore together in a safe and cooperative environment.
At MCKIDS ACADEMY we explore play-based learning, netiquette, ‘what’s real’, in-game planning, and ‘taking a break’ ideas. In particular, we focus on children who have minimal experience playing in a social multi-player setting, and we offer those with more experience the opportunity to learn how to install modpacks, how to build with redstone (basic electronic circuitry) and how to program with ComputerCraft. We work in-game on projects and activities that touch on learning outcomes for Grades 3-7. We work together on understanding limits to play, approaches to leadership and play in a constructive group setting. Staying on task, building confidence in oneself, and expressing oneself in a positive light are key to this program.
Methodology and approach 
Momibelle and our instructors encourages children to share their unique ideas and focuses on self-directed learning practices. When opportunities arise to meld PLOs with activities in-game, children are cued to focus on a given area of interest (such as ship building or map making), or asked specific questions to facilitate a broadening of skill-sets and advanced understanding in maths, sciences, the arts, social studies, history and core 21st C Learning such as programming, and more.
We have seen an improvement in reading, writing and communication skills. Children are encouraged through active projects to focus and stay on task. Those with ASD and other diagnoses such as GAD and ADHD have all benefited greatly from working in this environment.

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