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MandoKids: Mandarin classes for 1-6 years old

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Contact Information
1346 Kingsway, Vancouver, 不列颠哥伦比亚省加拿大
Phone: 604-719-6386

Who are we?

Mando Kids is a primary educational studio that focuses on Chinese Mandarin learning for young children. Mando Kids is built on the principles of play-based learning coupled with the extensive language-teaching experiences of its staff. We seek to inspire children to learn through interaction and engagement, as well as providing a foundation for mastering Mandarin.

教师背景Our Teachers:

  1. 中文母语教学 Native Mandarin Speaker
  2. 正规ECE幼兒教育资质 Certified ECE teacher
  3. 拥有汉语教师资格证,简称 TCFL Certificate of accreditation in teaching Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL).
  4. 多年中文教学经验 Years of experiences of teaching Chinese Mandarin to children of all age groups.
  5. 拥有多年国内外教学经验 Years of teaching experience with kids in China of both Mandarin and English.

教学理念 Our Philosophy:

We believe that children learn language through play. They learn thought how to interact with their environment and discover their interests by singing, storytelling and engaging in hands-on activities. We believe that learning which is well-planned and delivered with enthusiasm and awareness helps children at all levels to acquire a love of discovery, investigation and new experiences. We combine immersive content, engaging classroom experience and use child-centered approach to acknowledge student’s voice.


课程详情Our Class:

此课程是专门针对说英文的小宝宝们 This series of courses are designed for English speaking children.

宝贝亲子班 Mandarin for 1-3 years old
以教授国语听力说为主。运用歌曲,舞蹈,手工还有小朋友最喜欢的故事书带动小宝宝和家长一起学习中文。 每节课会介绍两个词汇和一本有趣的故事。 This class is designed for children and parents who want to acquire Mandarin speaking and listening skills. We introduce Chinese Mandarin while singing, exploring musical instruments and moving their bodies and children's favourite stories retold in Mandarin. This class is for both parents and children to learn in a fun and engaging environment together.

汉语启蒙班 Mandarin Beginner Clas适合刚刚开始接触普通话的小朋友。 我们用歌曲,跳舞和游戏带动小朋友对中文的初步认识,建立兴趣。 For children who has just started interacting with Mandarin - involves songs, rhymes, dances, sensorial activities, and puppets to bring alive a focused topic each class.

汉语萌芽班 Mandarin Intermediate Class
适合已经完成我们的汉语启蒙班的小朋友。我们用歌曲,故事,游戏和写一写带动每一节课的话题。 For children who has completed our beginner's class and are able to understand basic Chinese. This course uses songs, stories, games, and writing to illustrate a focused topic each class.

华人母语班 Mandarin Speaking Children Advance Class
适合已经在用普通话交流的小朋友。 用更复杂且有趣的歌曲和故事带动小朋友的学习兴趣,为将来的中文学习打下良好的基础。
For children who can already speak Mandarin at home. Use more complex songs and stories to engage in a new topic each class.

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