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Knight Camp (Academie Duello)

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Contact Information
412 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1L1
Phone: 604-568-9907

Knight Camp, the winner of Georgia Straight’s “Best Children's Camp” award, is a five day adventure day-camp focused on the skills of knighthood - from the martial arts of the sword and shield, two-handed sword, and staff - to the practice of knightly virtues such as courage and integrity. Students at Knight Camp learn about history, leadership, heraldry, archery, medieval games and much more.

Camps run from 10am to 3:30pm Monday through Thursday, and 10am to 4pm on Friday, with before and after care available (8:30am for before care, 5pm for after care).

Each day begins with a warm-up and a discussion of Knightly Virtues. Students then learn a variety of the martial skills that the knights of old had to know: Wrestling, swordplay, and staff. During lunch, students learn and play a variety of medieval games. After lunch, students divide into groups for academic lessons on subjects ranging from heraldry to the history of the sword to armour-making, and more! The day wraps up with more martial arts lessons as well as sparring (controlled practice swordfights, with protective equipment) and the virtue circle, where the students and instructors nominate campers for their virtuous behaviour throughout the day.

Everyone uses properly weighted and balanced synthetic swords that give the authentic feel of the real thing – while staying safe and easy to manage. Students will also get the opportunity to interact with real swords and armour as well as create their own shield.

On Friday, all of the students show off their skills in a grand finale: a combination of tournament, heraldic display, and show of skill-at-arms capped off with the graduation of each student to the next rank. Parents, friends, and family are welcome to attend the finale!

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