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Hi-Tech Hide-and-Seek Party

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Contact Information
Surrey, BC, Canada
Phone: 6047272170

Create a party they will never forget. All the kids will be talking about you..

GO BattleRoyale LIVE is a mobile laser tag party service and rental business. GO BattleRoyale LIVE specializes in kids parties and events. Video games are recreated after popular online video games like Fortnite. So get your children off their gaming chair or your living room couch. Turn off their desktop computers, laptops, or gaming consoles. They bring live gaming entertainment to you. Name a place and time and GO BattleRoyale LIVE will supply State-of-the-Art live gaming arsenal to you. This is not like Airsoft or Paintball because no one gets pummeled with BBs or paintballs. No eye protection needed. No damage to infrastructure. No set up time needed. No clean-up. No fancy equipment set-ups or wifi or bluetooth problems. Our professional gaming equipment are programmed to speak to each other without need of wifi connection so this game can truly be played anywhere. Some ideas include your backyard, farm, woods, parks, or remote locations.

Ages 7+ non contact activity. Equipment "phasers" emit harmless infrared beams just like TV remote controls. Players work together in teams to complete objectives to win. They will learn communication and team building skills and best of all, get active. GO BattleRoyale LIVE hosts kid's birthday parties or events for groups including parents to corporate groups. The games are fun with a high-tech spin to it. We are gamers that recreate games. All bookings come with a trained referee/entertainer for the duration of booking. All activities are custom tailored to your group's overall demographic to ensure everyone has fun. Parents can join in on the action and team up or sit back and relax while they handle all the entertainment start to finish!

Booking includes rental for:

  1. 10 Phasers for 10 players (can swap players in between games to rest)
  2. All you can play (AYCP) laser tag games for duration of booking
  3. Referee/Entertainer
  4. Team Bandanas and Headbands


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