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Fire & Flower: Girls Empowerment Programs

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Contact Information
Various locations throughout Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 6043120063

Fire & Flower empowers girls ages 10-14 in their INCREDIBLE rite of passage into young womanhood. This is a time of so much change – social, physical, emotional, sexual – and we revive the age-old tradition of women providing meaningful support for girls to come-of-age. Fire & Flower combines personalized mentorship, experiential learning, community, time in nature and small group sizes to create an unforgettable, transformative experience of acceptance, depth and connection. Girls build confidence and pride in becoming young women, develop resilience to engage their future and gain valuable friendships.

We run spring break and summer empowerment programs exploring young womanhood in a fun, honest and safe environment. These 5-day programs navigate positive body image, media literacy, menstruation and puberty, social dynamics, sexuality and more. Every second year, we also offer a comprehensive 6-month rite of passage program where girls are well-supported through their process into young womanhood. We dive deeper into the topics above with greater individualized mentorship, and go on a 5-day overnight adventure that includes a powerful coming-of-age ceremony. Join the movement and help our girls become thriving young women!

"We wanted our daughter to have a larger community of women that would support her through the transition to womanhood without imposing preset ideas about what that means. Fire & Flower provided a framework for girls to discover who they are and be part of a community. It also provided a profound way for families to recognize their daughters - really see them - for the unique and powerful people that they are. Our daughter enjoyed being challenged to own her place in the world with the support of strong, compassionate and authentic women." - Renee Frappier, mother

"We all trusted each other. I could say anything without being judged" - Participant

"It felt so good to be with other girls and know I’m not alone." - Participant

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