Comedy & Confidence Camp with Head Start Public Speaking for Kids!

Comedy & Confidence Camp with Head Start Public Speaking for Kids!

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370 Mathers Avenue, West Vancouver, BC, Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 604-989-5113

It’s time to laugh again!  Head Start is the place for kids to talk about what’s important to them.  To have fun and learn how awesome they are!  Not many people ask kids who they are or what’s important to them.  At Head Start, these are fundamental questions!  Every kid has life experiences that are both unique and universal and learning how to express themselves with confidence and in their own way is a skill they will carry into the rest of their life!

This March Break camp is filled with games and challenges to help your child become more of who they are and find their confidence!  At camp’s end, your child will have a (recorded) 2 minute stand up comedy set from our live showcase that will show them just how brave (and funny!) they can be!

Your award winning coach, Paula Howley, has been teaching public speaking to kids for 10 years and is one of CBC’s Top 100 Amateur Comedians of 2019!  Combining public speaking with stand up is a great way for your kid to think about their lives with a new perspective and to take their power back!

This March Break camp is one of the best values in the GVA at only $360 per week.  The camp starts at 8:30 am and goes until 4:00 pm.  If your child needs to come later or leave earlier, no problem. Paula and her assistant (a graduate of her 4 year program) will lead the kids (ages 9 and up) in:

Improv Games

Comedy Games

Comedy Writing

Performing Skits

Self-Reflection Exercises

Confidence Challenges

General Nonsensical Fun

Kids deserve some fun and self expression after this long Covid haul.  And parents deserve knowing their child will be safe, having fun and learning some skills that will change the way they look at themselves forever!

Just 24 spaces available with 2 scholarships at half price.  Contact us now to secure your place!  

Head Start also offers online after school public speaking classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and live 9 week school workshops! If you are interested in having Paula come to YOUR school, contact us today!

Listen to what parents have to say!

“Kevin is eager to register for your March break comedy class program! He loved performing at Christmas!” 

-Kevin’s Dad

“Head Start has supported our previously shy, introverted daughter to find her voice and use her creativity in positive ways. This has resulted in increased confidence at school and being confident about speaking in front of groups. This is a great program and I truly believe every child would benefit from it.” 

-Cari Miller and Robert Hogg, parents of 4 and Order of Canada Recipient

“Thanks again for everything; he’s still talking about his comedy debut!” 

Sebastian’s Mom

“I’m telling you, Anton loves your class, and as a parent, I know it is going to impact his life in countless positive ways.  You more than deserved all the kind words your students shared with you on presentation night, and it was lovely to hear them speak so genuinely and from the heart.” 

-Anton’s Mom

“Paula’s program is transformative and amazing. My son participated via Zoom this year and we are amazed at the confidence he has gained from a few short months with Paula. It is so much more than public speaking. Paula helps these kids explore and communicate who they are.” 

-Karla Shields, Mom and Entrepreneur

“As a past school principal, and World Champion of Public Speaking (2009), I can confidently say this is a great program for children, one which can change the course of their lives! Well done Paula!” 

-Mark Hunter 2009 World Champion of Public Speaking and former Principal

“We are so grateful for YOU, Paula! Devin came home last night from your class and said ‘it was the BESTEST class EVER, I know that’s not a word, but it really was! like out of ALL the classes I’ve EVER had in my whole life!’ Looking forward to more ‘bestest’ classes in the year to come!”   

-Angela Rae, Mom and Entrepreneur

“I am so glad that my kids have a “head start” on being able to speak their truth. Their self-confidence has increased immensely and they look forward to this class like no other. This is a winning program–so good for our kids and our community. Thank you Paula!”   

-Sheila Cameron, Mom and Author

“Paula  has created a structure of exercises that transform kids from attitude to altitude!  It’s really cool.  Because the structure is there it feels safe to be able to have the fear and face it and do it.  I think it should be in the schools.  If it was part of the curriculum, every child would benefit. 

-Laurie Paul, Educator, Mom, Business owner

“Paula makes it really fun.  The kids dove right in.  Even kids who you wouldn’t expect to get up and speak in front of people just  did it.  And laughed.  And had a lot of fun.  They pushed themselves to take risks.  It’s hard to get up and speak in front of people but they’re doing it, getting better at it and realizing it’s not actually that scary and is actually pretty  fun!  It’s a great program.”

Kaia Neilson, Teacher grades 6-9




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