Coding Classes for Kids – Try a Free class!

Coding Classes for Kids – Try a Free class!

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Coding For Kids
Students excited to learn coding
Focused on project
Scratch Coding Book
Girls who code
Coding For KidsStudents excited to learn codingFocused on projectScratch Coding BookGirls who code
Contact Information
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Your kids will have fun coding! Try a Free online class (valued at $30).

Our goal is to inspire students to solve problems creatively, logically and collaboratively. Our live teachers will guide them every step of the way. We have online and in-person classes (7 days a week). The students will learn to create video games, robots, websites and Virtual Reality games.

We teach a variety of languages based on their age and project goal, we teach Scratch, HTML, PHP, SQL, Java, Python, Unity, Ruby, Minecraft Mods and many more. Our coding classes are designed for students between the ages 5 to 18 to pursue a coding projects they are interested in. Students will pursue their creativity with a student-to-teacher ratio of 3-to-1 for online, and 5-to-1 for in-person. Kids will bring their ideas to life through coding. We teach coding to beginners, intermediate or advanced levels. Watch your kids fall in love with coding and see what they create.

Try a Free class or join our Online Summer Coding Camp today!

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