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Protips: Five ways to keep the bugs at bay!

Have your kids been hit by The Bug? With Vancouver’s extended winter, it seems like someone you know has come down with something. Here are some tips to keep the whole family healthy until winter releases its icy grip.

How to stay healthy this winter!

Essential Oils

Some swear by the healing power of essential oils. Whether you choose to roll it onto your skin, diffuse it or deeply inhale it like this morning’s coffee, essential oils have been touted as a great method in prevention and treatment of cold and flu. The key is to go for high quality oils. They are now widely available by independent sellers and retail stores, like Saje, operated right here in Vancouver.

Wash hands

Some germs are great but not when it is cold season. And we’ve all had the memo multiple times but it bears repeating. Be sure the little ones wash their hands before eating and after playing.

Bone broth

There is something to that saying, “chicken soup is good for the soul.” Get some legit made-from-scratch bone broth delivered to your door when you’re too sick to make it yourself. The Soup Solution they deliver all over Metro Vancouver and has a variety of soups and sauces to keep your freezer stocked.

Warm water and lemon

Start each day with warm water and lemon. Lemon has been known to flush the body of toxins and boost the immune system. The rind can also be grated and steeped with the warm water for extra nutrition.


Take in superfoods like bee pollen, hemp hearts, chia seeds, manuka honey, spirulina and fresh wheatgrass. These can be found at local natural foods shop, Pomme Natural Market  in Port Coquitlam)and Finlandia Natural Pharmacy on West Broadway.

Now if all goes according to plan, we’ll be hale and hearty for cherry blossom season!

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