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Orange You Glad it’s Finally Summer?

Orange You Glad it’s Finally Summer?

Guest post by Zinnat Ali.

After a mostly gloomy spring, Vancouver seems ready for summer to get under way and what better way to celebrate than draping yourself in the hottest colour of the season? Orange is a daring colour and not everyone is comfortable with it. But if the (hopefully coming soon) warm temperatures are making you feel more daring than usual, here are a few ways to incorporate the colour into your summer wardrobe.

Dress orange

Nothing is more comfortable on a hot summer day than a light summer skirt or dress, like this from Old Navy ($25, Pair the skirt with an embellished tank and add pair of dangly earrings or a pile of bangles and nude sandals to the dress, you’ll be ready for the beach or the dance floor!

Pout orange

Orange has been all over the runways and one of the easiest ways to inject this hue into your look is to paint your pout in the colour. For the truly bold try MAC’s Neon Orange ($14.50, for a bright hit of colour, or if you’re looking for something with a little less voltage try MAC’s Crosswires lipstick. Pair this look with a simple liquid lined eye and a coat of mascara and it’s versatile for night or day!

Nail orange

Not bold enough to wear an orange dress or to wear orange lipstick? Try painting your nails in the citrusy shade. Nails have replaced the It bag as the must have accessory and is an affordable way to change up your look on a regular basis. OPI’s Hot and Spicy ($8.95, Chatters Salons) is a bold shade that leans coral and is flattering on every skin tone, or for a colour that will have you craving a creamsicle, try Revlon’s Tangerine ($5.99, London Drugs).

Zinnat is not a mom, but she is an aunt to eight nieces and two nephews. When she is not playing aunt, she writes about her latest nail polish find or Sephora haul on tumblr.

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