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Trending: Word Vancouver, a FREE family friendly festival this Sunday!

Do you love reading and free, kid-friendly fun? Then Word Vancouver is the place to be this Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm! Here you can expose your children to literature and live, in-the-flesh authors without a big outlay of cash or commitment. And if you have a bookish family, then it’s a no-brainer. Word Vancouver presents free author readings and kid-friendly events all day Sunday at Library Square as part of their Festival Day.

Word Vancouver festival highlights for families

There is a ton for kids here including the interactive Buddha Board installation; Circus Lab — roving characters unicycling or performing other acrobatic feats; a Fairy Tale Scavenger Hunt for families, and the Imagination Island and The Quay features readings for children and family activities including readings a photo wall and bubble station, bookmark making and a book coin toss!

Author readings the kids will love!

12:00 pm Nicola I. Campbell 
A Day With Yayah
A First Nations family goes foraging for edibles in the woods, and Grandmother passes down her knowledge of plant life. This picture book is set in the Nicola Valley. Winner of the Anskohk Aboriginal Children’s Book of the Year awards. Ages 4-7

1:25 pm Judson Beaumont 
Timbertown Tales: Chester Gets a Pet! 
Chester O’Drawers Teakson wants a pet, but his parents just don’t think he’s responsible enough yet. So Chester has to find a way to prove that he’s going to be the best pet-owner ever.  All ages.

1:45 pm Julie Flett 
Black Bear Red Fox: Colours in Cree 
Cree-Métis artist, Julie Flett returns with her unique visual style in Black Bear Red Fox: Colours in Cree. Featuring stunningly crafted images, it is carefully designed for emerging readers with colour words in Cree and simple English phrases.  Ages 0-3

word vancouver

2:50 pm Dan Bar-el
Dog Night at the Story Zoo
Welcome to The Story Zoo, where animals get up and tell their stories in front of a live audience. Tonight it’s Dog Night, so get ready for some hilarious but touching stories from dogs of all kinds.

3:15 pm Ashley Spires
The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do
Lou and her friends run FASTER than airplanes. They build MIGHTY fortresses. Lou is brave enough for anything! That is, until her friends decide to climb a tree. Lou has never climbed a tree before. She doesn’t think she can do it. She likes her adventures to be DOWN, not UP. Ages 3-7


3:35 pm Bree Galbraith
Milo and Georgie
When Milo’s family moves to a new city, he vows to officially retire from having fun. But his little sister, Georgie, yearns to explore the new neighbourhood. When Georgie doesn’t come home from exploring one day, Milo has to go outside and find her—and then discovers everything he’s been missing.  Ages 3-7

3:55 pm Sarah Ellis 
Waiting for Sophie
Waiting for a new baby is hard, and waiting for her to grow up into a playmate is even harder. Luckily Liam’s Nana is just downstairs and always ready to help. When the two of them build a Get-Older-Faster Machine, Liam is surprised to find it’s not Sophie who does the most growing up.  Ages 5-8

Word Vancouver:
Library Square, Downtown Vancouver
September 24, from 11 am to 5 pm

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