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Emily Press Labels: Fun for Mom and Little One

Guest post by Jenny Lutes

Hearts, flowers, and the colour pink are among my 4-year-old daughter Ava’s favourite things. Combine these items with an animal parade and you have one of the sweet fabric sticker motifs from Emily Press Labels.

When Ava first entered her room, after Mommy’s dexterous application of said fabric stickers to the wall, she happily exclaimed, “A pink zebra!” as in, a pink zebra that can be taken down and repositioned wherever Ava desires. All of the Emily Press Labels fabric stickers are reusable and removable. Mirrors, doors, and light switches are just a few of the surfaces that can be enhanced with the stickers. Ava’s animal parade may be relocating to her dresser drawer fronts next.

Emily Press Labels’ fabric stickers are eco-friendly as they are printed without harmful VOCs. When I repositioned the stickers, they didn’t leave any residue on the wall and they stayed just as sticky as when I got them. Other brands offer a product that is supposed to remain sticky throughout reuse–with the Emily Press Labels fabric stickers, this claim is actually true.

The fabric stickers are non-vinyl and retain their shape when pulled off of a surface. I have used vinyl stickers and decals on walls before, and I have found that they stretch and wrinkle when removing them from their backing (making them look warped before they are stuck to a wall). Sometimes during application, other brands’ vinyl stickers fold back on themselves and become very difficult to fix. On the other hand, when I peeled the fabric stickers off of the Emily Press sheet, some folded back but it was easy to detach them from themselves.

I like the fabric stickers because they have a softer look than vinyl and I have avoided putting yet another plastic item into Ava’s room. Plus, she loves the cute little “guys” as she calls them so she will not try to rip them in half (like she has done in the past with vinyl decals). Along with the pink Parade Love, Ava enjoys seeing her name on the included banner–a personalized touch.

Now, to those parents who are perfectionists, let go of the desire to use a level when placing the stickers upon a surface. Not that this mom would ever consider doing that (nor would she place and replace the fabric stickers over, and over, until they were just right). Perhaps it’s best to let your little one put the stickers up. Resist the urge to fix any that seem to be askew and just go with it!

Jenny Lutes was a single mom for two years. And now she’s not! Jenny blogs at Ruminating Mommy about what she’s going through as a mom and the spiritual and emotional journeys of being a woman. Read more at

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