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Trending: Vancouver Hot Chocolate Fest 2018

It goes without saying that kids LOVE hot chocolate, but what about adults? If the hot choc at your local coffee shop leaves you a little underwhelmed, the annual Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is here with spicy, boozy, vegan, ice creamy and high-end chocolate concoctions to please all palates.

Vancouver’s top cafes, bakeries, chocolatiers and ice cream makers will dazzle you with their creative takes on the classic hot chocolate plus their accompanying amuse bouche. It’s a chocolate lovers dream with 35 participants offering 75 unique hot chocolate flavours over 26 days.

And did we mention melt-in-your-mouth homemade marshmallows?

Hot picks


Spicy Columbia at Bella Gelateria
El Santaferano is a traditional Colombian hot chocolate, spiced with notes of cinnamon and cloves, honours the heritage of one of Bella Gelateria’s maestros. Made with CasaLuker’s Palenque 70% authentic Colombian Chocolate and  Avalon milk and served with a traditional Pandebono (Colombian cheese bread.).

Chai lovers! at Diva at the Met
Steamed Luker 40% Colombian milk chocolate together with fresh milk and a special mix of chai spices. Topped with freshly whipped cream. Served with a milk chocolate, chai-spiced bon bon.


  • The Vegan Campfire at Cartems Donuts
    Made with smoked cocoa and creamy coconut milk chocolate and garnished with vanilla marshmallow fluff and toasted flax seed graham cracker.
  • I Carrot Believe it’s Vegan at Chocolate Arts
    A rich, vegan hot chocolate with a carrot-y twist. Made with Cacao Barry’s Mexique 66% dark chocolate and coconut milk. Served with a vegan carrot cake.
  • Erin’s Delight at Mahony and Sons
    A blend of Erin’s animal product-free, #PBY (plant-based yummy) banana bread and a GLOW Chocolate blend featuring South American mesquite. Served with, of course, a slice of that amazing banana bread. Available: January 20 – 31 only.

Ice cream

  • Very Cherry Cocoa at Earnest Ice Cream
    Coconut and cherry chip ice cream is drenched in dark hot chocolate for an affogato-style drink.
    Served with a house-made Cherry Haystack.
  • Sealed with a Kirsch at Glenburn Soda Fountain
    Dark hot chocolate with Kirsch (no alcohol). Served with a chocolate cherry ice cream sandwich.


  • The Tipsy Unicorn at Soirette Pastry 
    Strawberry and Peach Schnapps Hot Chocolate featuring Cacao Barry Zephyr topped with house made Cotton Candy. Served with a Sparkling Magic Pretzel Cookie.
  • Dark Chocolate Love Potion at Baggio Gelateria
    A chocolate martini with liquid organic chocolate, vodka and Crème de Cacao.
    Served in a martini glass with a chocolate ring, caramelized cherry and chocolate-dipped slices of waffle.
  • Wesbrook Sunrise at Doughgirls
    A sublime combination of milk chocolate and zesty orange accompanied by an orange/almond sable and Cointreau-flavoured whipped cream.

Protips for families

Split it: These hot chocolates are rich, rich, rich! They are full-on desserts. If you’re planning on going to few spots, consider splitting one.

Try out different flavours and places: Experience a variety of tastes – go boozy for after dinner, creamy for post-kids-activities and plant-based for a vegan experience.

Post a pic: Upload and tag your favourite (or most photogenic) hot choc and you could win one of many prizes including gift certificates or a a 2019 Festival Pass. #hotchocolatefest

Partial proceeds from the fest go to for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Job Training Program of the PHS Community Services Society and East Van Roasters and Fresh to Families.

Hot Chocolate Festival

January 20 –  February 14th
Get the full hot chocolate line-up
various locations

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