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Let’s face it, when it comes to peer pressure, bullying and community, students are the ones who really know what’s happening on the ground and online at their schools. With that in mind, Shaw is placing grants that support a culture of kindness in Canadian schools in the hands of students. Shaw wants to reward…

Does your child have trouble focussing, processing information, reading, or understanding their school work? Do you have a funny feeling that something’s not quite right? Parents are often the first to notice that something’s off kilter. If you are aware of the common signs of a learning disability, you’ll be able to recognize potential problems early…

Education and Childcare

Maybe etiquette is the last thing on your mind as school approaches, but did you know that etiquette is really about making others feel comfortable, respected and valued. Now that’s something we can all get behind. And etiquette matters in all arenas of life including school. Sunita Padda, the well-mannered mother behind TableSmarts outlines 5…

paying attention in school

Attention disorders such as ADHD or simply an inability to focus and pay attention is school is a common complaint from students, teachers and parents. Some kids stare out the window, others are the class clown and some get deeply frustrated, angry and unhappy. As parents, it’s easy to think that if they just focussed or tried harder, things would fall into place. Turns out it isn’t that simple.