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Finding baby-friendly places to hang out with other moms in Vancouver is not as scarce as one might think. Bring your babies together for these free activities.

Even before the walking starts – life with a baby is BUSY! Just getting out the door is a win and getting to pre-determined places on time: gold star, please. On top of the regular crazy, baby’s feeding and napping needs seem to be the ruler of all supposed schedules. If nap schedules or non-schedules…

What better way to ease back into fitness than to re-centre with your babe at a yoga class? Baby yoga can build flexibility and create a happy baby from the soothing movements. Namaste to that! Mom & baby yoga: 8 studios Studio 202 Located in North Vancouver, Studio 202 focuses on inspired living. Their Mom…

Five places to get fit with baby

Finding some free time away from baby to get back into your jeans may seem like an impossible feat. Don’t stress about finding a babysitter. Check out these booty-moving classes specially designed for the two of you.

If your baby or toddler would rather wear their spaghetti as a toupee, know that you are not alone.  Family dinners can be a production to say the least, especially when you throw picky eating into the mix. Here are a few tips to avoid a dinnertime disaster. Creative presentation Kids eat with their eyes…