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5 tips for winning over picky eaters

5 tips for winning over picky eaters


If your baby or toddler would rather wear their spaghetti as a toupee, know that you are not alone.  Family dinners can be a production to say the least, especially when you throw picky eating into the mix. Here are a few tips to avoid a dinnertime disaster.

Creative presentation


Kids eat with their eyes first. An upgrade from bumps-on-a-log to a fun bento-style meal might do the trick. Try a leak-proof, easy-to-open Yumbox. They come in a range of colours, designs and educational compartments. Pick one up in Vancouver at Pebble or Active Baby.


Let them choose the tableware

Sometimes all it takes is the right cup to get kids jumping for carrot juice. Letting them pick out their own special plate and cutlery set includes them in mealtime prep, and takes their mind off of what’s on the menu. Drop by Lusso Baby in North Vancouver for plenty of adorable tableware gear.

Swap recipes

If your baby turns your homemade puree into Jackson Pollock masterpieces, it might be time for a new recipe. Head to your local bookstore for a copy of Little Foodie: Baby Food Recipes for Babies and Toddlers with Taste by Michele Oliver. This baby food bible contains everything you’ve ever wanted to know about making, storing and feeding your baby delicious meals.

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Avoid a photo-op

Photos of our babies covered in food are cute, but too many shutterbug family members near the high chair can distract a picky eater from trying something new. It also gives baby an audience to witness pea flinging at its best. Keep things calm and cameras at bay for a peaceful taste test.


Play chef for a day

Vancouver offers cooking classes for teeny tots, young kids, teens and parents. Held at local community centres, they’re an affordable way to get your kids interested in healthy eating. These classes are also a fun family outing, a great date night option and a great place to meet other moms who suffer with picky eaters.

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