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We’ve planned a great Kids Day at Wesbrook Village, and we hope you to join us on Saturday  May 27th, 11 am-3 pm. Come on up!  RSVP (FREE) on Eventbrite! Seven fun things to do at Kid’s Day at Wesbrook Village! Go shopping at the Kids Market KidPreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs will be debuting…

This week’s Mom to Follow is Vancouver mom Manda Aufochs Gillespie, a consultant, writer, environmentalist, mother, and the author of Green Mama: Giving your child a healthy start and a greener future. In her 20 years as an ecological designer, she has worked to green institutions and families all around the world and has been dubbed the “green guru” by the media, appearing on HBO, ABC, and CBC.

Playdate for Playgrounds

With steep budget cuts diminishing educational and recreational programs for Vancouver’s kids, three Vancouver based entrepreneurs have partnered up to raise much needed funds for Champlain Heights Elementary School to help them buy a new playground. The fundraising event is a collaboration between Jump Gymnastics, Klik Photographic and Collage Collage, local businesses that deal directly with kids everyday.