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What to do in Vancouver: Spooky Fun at Fright Nights

Wondering what to do in Vancouver for some more grown-up fun this Halloween? This article by Eschelle Westwood has the scoop on Fright Nights at Playland.

A visit to Fright Nights at Playland is an awesome way to spend a night with your new teen, older niece or nephew, or friend. You will both walk away having had a great time with one another. Albeit a bit of a scary time, but that is all in good fun. I went with an old friend of mine from high school and neither of us had ever been to Fright Nights before. I was very scared but thankfully my smaller-framed friend was my knight in shining armour that evening – holding my hand the whole time. We had a really great time, making sure to take in all the sights. I will give you some of the highlights, as well as a rundown on what to expect.

What to do in Vancouver: Must-See Highlights at Fright Nights

what to do in vancouver fright nights pne playlandThe staff costumes and make-up are some of the most amazing I have seen in person to date. They are super scary and incredibly awe-inspiring, so you want to get close but you are still too scared to get really close. They really are incredible, even taking on their characters to really bring them to life. For example, there was one cast member who is dressed up as a demonic little girl. She will wail for people to play with her and it is spine tingling!

If you, your friends or your teens are lovers of scary movies the Hollywood Horrors house at Fright Nights is worth adding to your list of what to do in Vancouver this Halloween. You’ll find all your favorite movie killers waiting around corners ready to give a great slasher movie scare. Also check out Monsters of Schlock for something really unique. This comedy team brings a Three Stooges twist on a classic freak show where they perform stomach-flipping physical stunts. They pierce, hammer, staple, spit and bruise all in the name of comedy, bringing some carnival show charm to Fright Nights. Car-N-Evil is something you won’t see anywhere else, using 3D glasses to really enhance the element of fear in the room. You can tell that the staff in this house are especially fond of their scaring techniques and boy did they scare me! I even had to comment to one of them about how they must love their job; she had a phenomenally creepy clown laugh.

12 rides are available for you to enjoy with the price of your admission. Rides at Playland are classic and we love them. Having them available to us with our admission really sweetens the deal.

Before you Bring your Family …

Be very aware that this event isn’t for kids under the age of thirteen. They really go all out in terms of their scare factor so please keep in mind your child’s individual personality – in the end you are the best judge. That being said, this is a great outside of the box date idea. Or leave your partner and kids at home, and take a girlfriend!

Security is very tight at Fright Nights so you can feel assured that they have everyone’s safety and well-being at the top of their priority list. They are nice and easy to spot in the dark as well most with reflective vests, so you can reassure your kids they will be safe at all times. This is important because you will be caught off guard. Fright Night staff do a really amazing job of really embodying their characters and giving all their visitors a fright; they will sneak up on you. Don’t be scared though, they love to take photos with their admirers, have funny conversations and of course aren’t allowed to touch you.

Be prepared to wait in line. Don’t worry, though, because the amazing staff are always around to keep you busy, entertained and slightly apprehensive about going into your awaiting haunted house! Arrive as early as you can and hit the houses first to avoid missing out on anything, the lines for the rides run at a decent pace all night.

Fright Nights runs until November 2, 2013. For dates, times and admission information, visit

Eschelle Westwood is the writer of Mumfection and is a dedicated young mother to two wonderful (though mischievous at times) boys. In between school drop offs, scraped knees, and milk spills you can usually find her on Twitter or on her hilarious Facebook page. We love it when she stops by to share the scoop on what to do in Vancouver!

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