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Shoreline Actors Academy

1425 Charles St
Vancouver, British Columbia
Tel: 604-874-9979

Shoreline Actors Academy is an integral part of Shoreline Studios, Canada's longest running casting facility and a staple in the Vancouver film and television industry. With a state of the art digital studio, we are favoured for our friendly staff and welcoming environment, bringing professionalism in an easy and stress-free environment. At SHORELINE ACTORS' ACADEMY, we are passionate and pragmatic idealists. We believe that our work makes the world a better place. Actors are asked to walk in another's shoes and to understand human behaviour. In doing this, we learn compassion.

Compassion gives us the Courage to be ourselves while understanding that others must be themselves. We believe that a Commitment to that understanding will translate to all areas of an artist’s life.

Compassion, Courage, and Commitment are the values we live by and what we instill in our work and in our students.

Our students are expected to be great. We set the bar high and they are expected to meet or exceed it. We have tremendous pride in our work and the work of our students.

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