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Pirate Adventures

1820 Mast Tower Rd
Granville Island
Vancouver, British Columbia
Tel: 604-754-7535

Pirate Adventures Canada, has arrived in Vancouver, looting and pillaging from the shores on Granville Island, providing an interactive theatre extravaganza, which has been a hit in both their Ottawa and Victoria locations. piratekid With the Jolly Roger flying, the pirate music providing background and the Pirate crew at the ready, this fifty foot pirate ship complete with 12 cannons, ventures forth to seek sunken treasure. From the sea battle to walking the plank, you will be amazed at this energetic band of pirates captures your imagination transforming you into a pirate. pirate_facepaint Pirate Adventures sailing on False Creek in the heart of Vancouver promises non-stop Pirate action with an entertaining, energetic crew for everything from children’s parties to corporate events or come with as a family, all to be Pirates for the day! What can one expect on this 75 minute epic journey

  • An interactive theatre experience
  • Learn to and become a pirate
  • Discover a secret treasure map
  • Attack the evil Pirate “Pete” with our water cannons
  • Defend the ship from a mutiny during a sword fight
  • Retrieve a sunken treasure of gold and jewels
  • Singing a sea shanty, learning to pirate dance and all with a wee bit of grog
pirateship2 Of course, prior to boarding everyone gets transformed into a pirate, gearing up with face painting, pirate fashions and your own pirate name!

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