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Music Together - Family Music Making from Birth through Kindergarten!

Various locations
Vancouver, British Columbia
Tel: 778-829-6651

A community of families sharing songs, playing instruments, and dancing in a relaxed, playful, non-performance-oriented setting.

Rockets to the moon and trains to the beach along with happy village folk songs, Korean lullabies and grand old circle dances. We have bells of all sorts, triangles, train whistles, shakers, rhythm sticks, scarves, giant sheets to hide under and instruments galore!

Music learned through developmentally appropriate activities that support and respect the unique learning styles of every child

Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers participating at their own level in beautiful family-style classes of mixed ages

Parents and caregivers contributing to the enrichment of their child's music environment. Life long friendships are made through music at Music Together!

A new song collection every semester for four years, featuring great arrangements of original and traditional songs in a wide variety of tonalities, meters, and cultural styles

45 minutes of pure fun with your child every week!

At Music Together, we believe that all children are musical. Studies show that, with the enough exposure to music-making experiences at a young age, children can achieve Basic Music Competence (being able to sing in tune and keep a beat) between the ages of 4 and 6. We are all born with a certain amount of musical potential but whether we achieve this potential depends less on our genetics and more on our interaction with music making! Musical development in children is a lot like language development. We need to interact directly with that language and play around with the sounds and babble and experiment with rhythms and movement.

Music Together wants to empower your family to become confident music makers and take those songs you sing in the shower into the living room and get out the pots and pans for a kitchen band and have family dance jams!  At Music Together, we provide a safe, fun environment where everyone can feel comfortable participating in music making. This gives each child a rich, informal learning environment to soak up this language called music. At this age, children learn through play and that is what we do at Music Together. We play with music and through our play we achieve competence. At Music Together, you will join a community of music makers and be given the knowledge, ideas and confidence to bring music making into your home.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Music Together classes! Elise loves coming to class and sings the songs and rhythms all day. What a wonderful introduction to music for her.” Dahlia – Vancouver Music Together mom

"Music Together is so far the best thing we have done for our little one, that's for sure.” Tanja – Vancouver Music Togethermom

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