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Celina Lam Photography

Vancouver, British Columbia

My name is Celina Lam and I specialize in Maternity, Newborn and Child Photography in the Vancouver area. I enjoy working in the studio as well as outdoors, and occasionally visit client homes for Lifestyle sessions. Formally trained in photography at Langara College, I’ve been doing photography professionally and full-time since 2011. Knowledge and experience from countless newborn, maternity and baby sessions help me to create memorable keepsakes for families to cherish for years to come. I have limitless patience when working with newborns and little ones, and have learnt to read the expressions and signs that tell me what’s needed to make the session run more smoothly.     CelinaLamNB When I first started the business, I fell in love with Newborn photography. There’s something so sweet and special about newborns. It was also the type of photography that worked well with my calm, observant personality and attention to detail. I decided to make it my area of specialization to have the opportunity to capture this precious and fleeting time in a baby’s life. The first couple weeks of a newborn’s life can be a bit of a blur for new parents, and through all the feedings, changings, and just learning to be new parents, your baby is developing and changing with every single day. Before you know it, weeks and months pass, and they are no longer the tiny little newborn you first held in your arms. CelinaLamPhotographyMat Naturally, from there I’ve also come to love capturing the beauty of pregnancy for expecting parents. Maternity sessions are a chance for moms-to-be to shine and feel beautiful, to celebrate the love between expecting parents, and to capture the anticipating moments before the baby’s arrival. They’re memories that not only mom and dad will have forever, but also images for a child to cherish when he or she grows up. It’s always a joy for me to be able to witness all the important milestones in a baby’s first year of life. They are growing and changing month to month, and experiencing many things for the first time. It’s amazing to see how the little newborns I photographed have grown, and fun to help document their next milestones in creative ways.   CelinaLamCS Whether in the studio or outdoors, or at a client’s home, I love crafting beautiful and fun images while capturing the natural personality of my subjects. In studio, I enjoy creating imaginative, whimsical, or beautiful sets for my clients. Some are simple and fresh, some a little more elaborate or fun, I’m always thinking up new ones. I also enjoy taking my subjects outdoors and photographing in natural environments that never cease to offer variety and beauty. Lifestyle sessions in client homes are also a chance for me to create authentic memories for clients in their own homes and to capture the connection between family members. To be able to freeze time and preserve quickly passing memories for parents and children truly lends meaning to my work.   Instagram 

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